Gratitudinal Turn


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.”

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Turn can be in any direction. It may be for good or for bad, depends on how you rotate yourself in that direction. Things can never be defined as right or wrong, it’s the way we choose them for us. And, choosing right or wrong is not at all difficult the movement we define their realm. However, all the complications lie in forming the definition of their domain. So, what do you think we can do to resolve these stumbling blocks of life? By keeping ourselves Positive? Well, I think this is the common suggestion which can fit as the solution for any kind of problem. It is like water, giving life to all! After all, positivity can never be a drawback. But if you like to reach the amazingly unknown destinations, I mean if you like to achieve things in your own way then the suggestion is all yours.

Most of the times, suggestions derive from experience. The experience of your own or from a book, incidence or through the person you admire the most! I got this idea from a photograph. And, photographs always help us to express ourselves in a more precise manner. They tend to speak and tell the stories behind the scene captured in any particular movement. Isn’t it!

Talking about the main idea of this post, i.e, a change we want to see take place only because of Gratitudinal Turn. A slight twist and all the worries will take the turn against us. This will help us to change our vision and enhance the panorama. Every red will now become green and the arrow will be visible which is capable of providing us the bounty points after reaching another level of life.

Thus, when you take life as a game (P.S. In which winning or losing doesn’t matter!) and start playing it, then we should adopt the mode of gratitude to avoid and secure ourselves from the dangers caused by the villains taking birth at each level with more power!



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  1. welcome those villains as they come up with more opportunities for you..
    good post fairy.. nicely unlocked..

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  2. nice post..interesting thoughts

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  3. Lovely post of life changes

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  4. Another dose of heavenly thoughts ..
    “change we want to see take place only because of Gratitudinal Turn” another quote by Jadoo 👍

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  5. I agree that life’s games and we have to play it. The moment we accept this, our life has a meaning.

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