“Never make the existence of people a habit,

Instead prepare well for an aloof stance.”

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We love to be with people. ‘People’ does not symbolise getting a chance to stand in a crowd. The single word can surely not define the number of persons which are included in your domain. It can be just an individual for a few or it can also be a crowd, you never know. Right?

It is not that being with people all the time is wrong, it is important too. But I am sure you must have experienced that phase as well when you found yourself caught in a dark box while hanging out with friends or family beneath that open blue sky. I feel all the emotions from which a person goes on, this one is the hardest and the scariest too. Ask the one who has been through or is going through. They are mostly the ones who are the most sensitive, and obviously, emotional. They are the ones who do not even want to get the shadow of this darkness. They keep on trying the best to make these dark clouds blow way with their smile, which is not really a smile. Rather, it is an alternative to shift their unstoppable and deep thoughts. The other people can judge themselves as the happiest creatures on earth but…

The moment you reach this stage, one has so much to say, words just want to keep popping out, you too want them to go on, on an unstoppable note but there is something… something which makes you go completely inactive. You feel as if even your reflexes have also stopped functioning.

And, you are caught.

Caught inside your own expressions.

Caught inside your own decisions.

Caught inside your own confusions.

Caught inside your own questions.

Caught inside your own answers.


Inside your own self.

For you, the box seems to be your only unfading dark world. Sadly, only you exist in it. There is no one you could see, no one you could hold, no one… yes, no one! It could have been a matter of celebration if you would have owned a different world but here, there is not even a single glimpse of a smile. You keep on speaking with yourself and after a while, you are tired. There seems no reason to speak, to show, to react. All you want is to listen, listen to that voice which made you smile, listen to the voice which used to bring words back.

But here, only you exist.

There is no voice until you utter. Are you waiting for someone? Are you praying for the return of that person?

Even after all this, you still feel that remoteness because you are following a wrong track. You are expecting the coming of that person who is already with you. Yes! Do not trust me? Check it once again. Look inside, inside yourself, your heart, your mind, your thoughts and especially inside your soul.

If you are able to touch your soul, you will definitely hear the voice for which you were praying. That voice was just inside you. The reason why you could not hear is only that you never desired for it. You desired something else but you need this. Only this could heal you. I know this is not easy, the silence keeps on coming back and fights hard to make you numb again, but you need to fight back. You have to be strong, and maybe you are strong and that is the reason why you are been gifted with this world by destiny. Take it as a gift and unwrap all your smiles and bring your life to life.

If you are somewhere in this world or are on the track to reach it, please pause, just stop with everything for a moment.

And, listen!

Listen to what you need.

Not what you desire.


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  1. You deserve this like. U chose interesting topic 💝

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  2. Desire and need….sometimes its painful to give importance to only one

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You r absolutely right. It hurts when anyone so close to u leaves u alone. Moreover, we should not try to find our happiness in other people. It was nice reading 💝👏😘

    Liked by 1 person

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