When you read a life

“The unexpectedly opened pages can remain open for a lifetime.”

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We all have been doing reading since the very initial stages, the stages in which we were trying so hard to make our bond with these twenty-six alphabets. It’s true that some have a great bond, it can be in the way they read or it can be in the way they write. Interestingly, both are equally special. In this alphabetic interaction, I am not really going to talk about the writing bond (actually it’s automatically present 😉 !) but about the reading bond.

As every alphabet is pronounced in a different way, similarly, each one of us also pronounces rather do or have different interests. For some, the equation is:

Books = Life

But for some, it can be the other way round too:

Books = Death

While few will settle a bargain, and it’s okay, balance is all that you need 😉 !

Reading a book whether it’s a hardcopy or in any form, things are probably known, or if not, you are able to sometimes guess with the hints or sometimes your smart friends reveal the climax 😀 . So, what about reading a live book, reading a live book? Reading a life, an ongoing life? I know, it actually sounds so fascinating. It becomes more captivating when the person actually reads out her/his life in front of you. You start living with those words, you are somehow able to take yourself there and become a part of the scenes described in those words. If the story ends up with a question mark or ellipses, your thoughts too start thinking. And, if you are able to change that question mark or those ellipses into an exclamation or a comma, whatever the circumstances demand because it can also be a full stop, sometimes a fresh new start becomes mandatory! By doing anyone of the above things, you can actually turn out into those special words in the Life Book of that person.

This unexpected narration and reading can stay for a lifetime. Later on, you might realize that that unexpected happening successfully removed that anticipated void, turning you into the self, the self whom you always loved. This one person will always stand next to you in every difficult situation, trusts you, make you believe in yourself when you lose the hope (you may sometimes even don’t know the reason) and make you remember and realize what you actually are, so that The Real You can be back ❤


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At last, if you come across such people who find you to narrate their book of life, never let go of them. They have come in your life as a blessing. Make their upcoming blank pages as special ❤ as you can, and try to not to write ‘The End’ at the end, use ellipses which will make it immortal.


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  1. Beautifully written as always… But, the miserable truth is that predators can be extraordinary fakers… They don’t deserve to be immortal in our life.

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