Imaginative Imaginations

“Not every dream is meant to be a reality.”

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We dream, we plan, and then we move ahead. Dreams are actually a linking-pin, a passage which can lead us to our destination. They define our goals, which are most of the times materialistic. Interestingly, people are proud of these avaricious dreams and if you are the odd one out, the great exception, you know it very well how things turn out for the people like us (Yes, I am too exceptionally exception… hehe!!!)

So basically, what are we doing throughout these tick-tocks of the clock? We plan? We dream? Or do we imagine?? In between deciding the schedule for tomorrow, we tend to imagine. Maybe the imagination is irrelevant, you know how insane it is (yes, it can be! ;P ) and especially when you are doing some important work. I am thousand percent sure that you’ll definitely take a break just to complete that imagination. And, it actually works as a rejuvenating dose for you in that busy working environment.

Your imagination might be very funny, sometimes you cannot even tell it to someone, you want that thing to happen regardless of the fact that it can never happen, but still, you love ❤ to imagine it!

What’s the problem then?

If you cannot take the pleasure of enjoying your dreams in reality (you know it’s kinda impossible though you can make it possible, just joking! Because sometimes you cannot actually make it, seriously!! 😉 ). Then enjoy the sense of pleasure of your dreams in imaginations.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing in this universe which you cannot achieve. Obviously, their occurrence can vary between reality and dreams. But it will occur, this is final! So, if you have been trying to achieve something for so long and you haven’t got yet, it’s okay!


If you can imagine yourself achieving, you have already crossed half the way. Now, let destiny play its part, just keep doing your efforts. If things are meant for you, your imaginative scene will definitely turn into a reality and then the director of your life, i.e, destiny will say, “ACTION!!”




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