On your head!

“Every load is not a burden.”

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We play many roles in our daily lives. Somewhere we become mature and sometimes someone can make that matureness absolutely invisible! The rhythm of life keeps on beating and showcase our new music notes, some happy, some sad, some energetic and some low.

This implies that we get connected with so many people every day whether it is directly or indirectly but we do. Some people provide us ultimate solace and some actually help us in reaching our point of satiety. Also, few too exist who just come and go making hardly any variation in our notes of life.

Those situations are completely okay wherein you feel good and take the load as your voluntary and desirous responsibility. However, the situations in which the load becomes a burden is surely a point of discussion. In the official environment, every employee imagines that sword on their heads held by their bosses, right? If you manage things properly and in time, then the sword just becomes invisible but in does exists! (Don’t hide it :P) But if you are the boss, you feel certainly less stressed at least you can impose the unfavourable results on your employees. Though it is always not that okay, what if you are the boss, things might have happened because of you, who knows 😉 !!

I don’t want to touch the strings of sentiments but all I want is to say is, “It Happens”. If today it was your head, the other day it might yours on someone else! Basically, it is a cycle. Every gets a chance and to turn that chance into opportunity is an art, mastered by just a few, right? If you know it, Congratulations!!! Please teach it others as well 😉

#Leaving this post here with a glimpse of a smile on your faces. Because sometimes all you need to do is just forget what’s happening and live every breath with a deep breath, things will be on track very soon! Trust me 🙂

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  1. Smile always perform deep action on however the conditon be it makes some posivity

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  2. This is so so positive post Fairy. Yes, no matter how bad situation comes one should not forget to smile.

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  3. As always you have written something to get lost pondering about … Nice post Jadooo 👌👌

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  4. Such a lovely post Fairy. Love and Light to you . 😊

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