Aadab 2017

“Party hard, make mistakes and laugh endlessly. Do things you are afraid to do. After all, you’re young only once.”



The meaning of this five letter word is the gesture of respect and politeness towards others. ‘Aadab’ is the name of The Annual Union Fest of Zakir Husain Delhi College, Delhi University. This time, Adaab’17 took place on 24th and 25th March’17. The fest was organised by the Students’ Union, i.e,

Mohd. Shoaib Qureshi (President)

Shristi Pandey (Vice President)

Niharika Ganjoo (Joint Secretary)

Jalib Ali (Central Councillor)

Abhishek (Central Councillor)

The two-day fest was filled with a number of events which successfully gave adrenaline rush in the veins of all the young Zakirians. Singing, Dancing, Poster Making, Debate, Ad Mad Show, Rangoli, Battle of Bands, Ethnic Wear Competitions are just a few to be named.

DAY #1

The fest began with Inaugural Ceremony on 24th March’17 followed by College Tarana and by amazing competitions. Then came the most lively, a live performance by Farhan Sabir, the Winner of the show The Voice of India-2. His gentle nature and mesmerizing voice equally stole the hearts of the audience. The first day of Aadab’17 filled the college with the air of exhilaration and gave students the hope of a much more happening day two!

DAY #2

The second day started with the rise of exuberance among all the students from the Delhi University who had come to attend Aadab’17. It initiated with highly electrifying euphoric group dance performance. The level of excitement was crossing its boundaries. The astounding anchors bound the audience with the thread of contentment. The event was supported excellently by the complete college staff.


A soulful performance by the ‘Band Shlokaa’ gave an additional sparkling touch to Aadab. This time, to end on an energizing note Simranjeet performed his musically high beats, which infused the urged of dancing amongst the audience.


The two days brilliantly came to an end because things which end, always bring beautiful beginnings.

It will be back next year, hope to see you at Zakir Husain Delhi College.

Thanks a lot to each one of you who connected themselves with Aadab’17.

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