Depreciation of Emotions

“Not every emotion needs appreciation. Sometimes depreciation is also important.”

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We have unlimited emotions and numerous varieties expressing them. Interestingly, people who look emotionless are filled with a more vibrant blend of feelings than what a normal happy-go-lucky individual has. If not in every second but surely few minutes are successful in swinging the pendulum of our mood but whether to go up or down is completely dependent on the person or thing associated with it.

I don’t think that there is any single person who assumes that emotions which make our mood go in depth of thoughts (in a negative way, obviously!) is a good phenomenon. We all get attracted towards the things which immediately raises the levels of our morale, we get boosted up and our countdown begins in order to initiate in life again. There is no one who wants to see herself/himself going down the ladder of happiness, right?

But I would say that depreciation of emotions is important along with ongoing appreciation.

In the language of Commerce, Depreciation means fall in the value of an asset due to usage, perishability, obsolescence, wear and tear, etc. On the other hand, Appreciation means the increase in the value of an asset over time due to positive changes in demand, supply, interest rated, etc.

So, if we have a life wherein every next thing goes in our favour, we tend to take the important, great things for granted. We make them very common and there worth also declines in our mind and heart. This is the moment when depreciation of emotions comes into the picture. Factors start favouring the other side and our feelings, our emotions start falling down on the graph of happiness and sadness.

The time when the value of our emotions become zero, i.e, nothing affects us. There comes in appreciation from a new hope. It comes in to make our life colourful and full of brightness again, making us realize that both Depreciation and Appreciation are equally important. Each one of them comes along with a ‘Good’ for us!

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