Just for a Day?

Comma and Full Stop

Five days back, 8th March’17, we all were celebrating Women’s Day. Every female achievement was highlighted. The newspapers, media, social domains, all were filled with words of Women Empowerment. Each one of us was breathing in this feminist air. There was no carbon dioxide or oxygen, there only existed an exchange of views to showcase the female power and strength. We all wished each other, promises were formed, oaths were taken. And, this got faded just like the sunlight. The darkness of evening again rose the evils back in the society.

Is anyone discussing women empowerment now?

Are you?


Why will you? The day is gone! We only wake up on that very day, wish each other just because it is a formality and it’s gone by the change of date.

I know there are people who still take a positive stand but they are very few, very few!!

Please try to understand. It is okay if you aren’t able to wish on Women’s Day. Show that in your behaviour throughout the year till the next Women’s Day comes and keep on continuing it forever with much more efforts.

There’s no point in being active on social media if you could not stop the wrong being done in front of your eyes. These days are made to remind you that it’s high time, stop all this! They are not just meant for forwarding! They are made so that you never forget what is right and what wrong you are and you were doing.

If you have gone on hibernation and waiting for the next year to wish, please wake up now and give your part to change The Evils into The Angels.


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  1. iampurelyhumble May 28, 2017 — 8:57 am

    Women Empowerment should be practiced daily…..Great insight!

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  2. I love these types of posts! They make you realise things you might not have noticed before!

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  3. Wonderful post Fairy. And especially I love the quote.

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  4. Between i really liked that simple quote

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  5. True message my dear.. it’s not time for a hibernation..

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  6. every year in my office on women’s day there is a campaign conducted by many well known personalities like one of financial management, one on health , one on parenting etc.. i find it quite nice . at-least it will tell women on how they can make their life better in certain aspect. but i see only few women attend that ..lets say 10-15 max.
    rest all women wants some party or lunch to be conducted on that day according to survey conducted by human resource team here . of course party is fun but knowledge is power.. 🙂

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  7. Great post, Fairy! 😊

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