Why not?

“Future waited for the next step, but something pulled it back.”


We all have a long list of things which we will do. I don’t think that there is a single person is without a clue. You can probably say that I don’t know what I’ll be doing in future but…

The thing which you say after this ‘but’ automatically forms your next step towards it. Have you ever thought that we always plan for big things, big problems, big life, etc. and generally don’t think about the small things. I know that there are hardly people who actually give time to every minute happening whether it was planned or unplanned but you know what, sometimes it happens that the happiness which you realize after doing a simple thing is beyond the fulfilment of that big plan. There will be people who will surely disagree with this. They will definitely say, ‘How can you compare our success from goals with the tiny incidences?’

If you say this, you are surely focused but not observant. For the ultimate success, one needs to have both the qualities. After all, happiness without satisfaction is always incomplete.

Let us slide towards the small occurrences because you are already aware of the big ones. Imagine the day when you were on the road or in a restaurant or school or college or office and you wanted to help some needy person. The desperate feeling was there, you were about to take the next step, there was a ‘Yes’ inside you but suddenly you were pushed behind by an unknown ‘No’. You still had that emotion of help but you couldn’t!

If you went back to that day, can you now find a reason? A valid reason. I would be glad if you will share your episode, maybe we can together catch the flying reason in the unidentified air.

So, this happens. Also, it can be the other way round. When you actually said a ‘No’ that ‘No’ which makes you happy, proud and satisfied. Every colour has a different shade. But what was the reason for this No?

We now have two ‘NOs’, one make you “!” and the other one makes you “?”.

Which one will you choose or

What one had you chosen?


Add yours →

  1. I don’t exactly make future plans Fairy. As I believe, things happen on time itself.

    Yes, I always be ready for the fun part but don’t get attached to the plan which we want to happen. It hurts when that doesn’t happen. 😊

    Lovely post.

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  2. hey fairy .. success never comes all of sudden or with big plans . its the cumulative result of tiny plans and actions with persistent efforts.

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  3. Chaos at the first, Clear at the last 😛😛 Well written friend 🙂 Promotions are on the way here too 😂😉

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