How to be Good?

“Once one knows how not to bad, the path ultimately reaches towards the Good.”

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Is there anyone who is ready to accept that she/he wants to become a bad person?


We do not even teach children to do anything which is not considered good. Our actions, reactions can be categorized into two and these two categories ultimately make the personality of an individual.

  1. BAD

When we do something, either accidently or deliberately which makes us feel guilty. We even do things just for fun but later on, realize… that it was not right.

  1. GOOD

We do not do good things always intentionally, sometimes it just happens and when we actually come to know about its positive affects, we do feel elated.

It’s true that a person never does any wrongful act by its own choice. There are many factors which forcefully leads a true soul towards dark.

They can be:

a) Reactance Theory

People like freedom but when they start feeling the stiffness of restrictions, they often break those rules.

b) Acceptance of Small Theft

Doing bad sometimes unknowingly is okay. But if you start accepting your small wrongs regularly they can cause destruction in your life.

c) Social Bond Theory

People think that they can be replaced by other, so they start feeling insecure which leads them to ethical violations.

d) Group Pressure

If you are good but you get into bad company, then that group pressure will force you to choose the wrong path.

There can be more reasons as well but we must focus on how to be good!

C.S. Lewis has quoted,

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

Walking on the right path has always been the toughest since the very beginning and it will always be. And, why not! Every diamond goes through such a laborious process to attain that precious shine.

If you want to be good, keep yourself burning in the fire of bad. The day you’ll be able to extinguish yourself from those flames, you will find a better, improved, new and a Good You!

Few suggestions which one can follow in daily life are:

  1.  Start believing in yourself.
  2.  Never compare yourself with others. You are UNIQUE, a LIMITED EDITION!

3.  Never leave a single stone unturned for your improvement.

4. Choose your role model.

5. Pray and/or meditate.

6. Do something good each day.

      7. Appreciate your work.

      8. Try to find a single light in problems full of darkness.

9. Do what you deserve to be done with yourself, and

10. Never get attracted towards negatively charged ions.


The book, ‘Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life’ by Maxwell Maltz. It aims to help people find happiness, health, and success through changing negative habits and explain every ‘how’.

Try reading and connect yourself with the good which will surely turn you into Good!

All the Best.

Stay Good and Be Happy!!


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  1. very nice post again fairy. but then i had closer look towards an external factor that u mentioned , its again about your choices too.. getting into bad company do make certain people influenced by bad thoughts and habit . but you will have to decide on whats the impact and consequences of wrong actions.. take a little maturity and guidance though

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  2. Ensure integrity atleast with the self..the rest will follow

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  3. Nice write up.It is sometimes really very hard to be good.Especially when you have freinds and peers who lead you to some wrong path, unknowingly or may be just for fun. Life is indeed a wide playground where we learn the game of how to pick up the good instead of the bad,even in the worst of situations. ☺️

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  4. Yeah you are right ! Amazing lines. In a hope that people will understand this thing, and stop doing good just to show ! A peaceful world ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. glad to meet a Fairy on the earth after long time..i apologise for the mail no reply..nice post to read after long time….in fact my latest post about tree was started as a duet and ended up writing myself whole poem as other party is very sleepy hehe 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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