How not to be Bad!

“Never aim to become good, focus how not to turn into bad.”

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We all have goals. Some goals are time specific, some interest specific or some might also be specifically not that specific! But have you ever thought about your ultimate goal? Earning money is one thing, leaving aside those monetary aspects, what do you think is important to achieve in Life?


Becoming a good person, if not throughout the lifespan but at least in the last innings!

Correct. In fact, even if you have this thought in mind, then you are one of a good human being. So, congratulations!!!

How to become a ‘good person’ will be discussed in the next post. Make sure you read that!!

Here, talking about how not to be Bad. We’ll be going step-by-step on the ladder of turning yourself into a “Good Person”.

Don’t you think that we react a lot and that too when it’s not even needed? Yes, we do!!

Control your reactions!

And, yes reactions and not your expressions. If you think that you hurt somebody then do try to erase your reactions from their life by your colourful and real expressions. It’s very important to be real, don’t pretend that you are full of sunshine when internally you feel like crying or screaming. Do react but first wait for the right time, take a deep breath and… express!!

The three line mantra, one should always keep in mind…

Look at time,

Breathe in…

And, express out.

Never feel guilty to take the blame on your shoulders for your wrong deeds. It’s okay. Every action is not right.

Always try to erase your incorrect reactions by not repeating them again in future. After all, a time machine is not yet come into existence!

All you need to do is learn to use ‘Deeds’ Eraser’. Luckily we all have got it’s instruction manual. Where?

Sit for a while, relax and think “HOW”!! Your mind and heart will give you the answers. The eraser will surely not be able to erase your bad actions but it will help you to fade them away (the way a normal eraser works, there will be consequences. Every eraser is not a non-dust! ;P ) with time and eventually, you’ll learn ‘How not to be Bad’!


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  1. True indeed…

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  2. Before being good, lets not be bad.

    What ever heart and soul approve is good. rest is debatable

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  3. How will you differentiate good and bad , fairy? Isn’t some perspective differences?

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  4. absolutely right. most of the us tend to react and be impulsive in many situations and end up with argument and hurt finally .. so controlling the negative reactions is a key

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  5. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you focus on the bad then the bad will always be a temptation, but if you look to do good then that will be your destination. It’s like driving. You look at the road not where you don’t want to go. Good post.

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  6. I like the way you describe the feeling inside words… beautiful presentation of words… Keep inspiring us!

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