Age Matters!

“Though age doesn’t matter but what matters is how you react to your age.”

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How many of you will say a ‘Yes’ I ask you whether you want to grow old or you are satisfied and want to be at the same stage throughout your life? I think most of you will never want to grow old, and why would you prefer a rise in your age? The age grows but the life span keeps on reducing every year when we blow that extra candle!

So, people want to stick to the stage in which they find themselves, say more comfortable, more independent. But this time, I certainly disagree! Why? Because I feel that each and every step on the ladder of age comes with its own bonus points. Just think about such days where people always be of the same age. Do you think that they’ll be able to enhance their personalities? No. After all, personality, opinions, views, decisions, and thoughts… all depend on your experiences and experience comes when one actually goes up on the ‘Age Ladder’.

No one can stop you from being young at heart at the later part of life! In fact, with every step closer to the end you are also coming nearer to a fresh start. So, I don’t think that there exists any sought of harm when you do a ‘Plus One’ in your age.

But sometimes people don’t actually do this. One might think that the other person is acting childish though she/he might not be. People grow with age but the mind is sometimes not very parallel to age. Maturity can be found at a young age and maybe that’s why it is said, ‘You can never judge maturity by a person’s age.’

To be more dynamic is all that we all need. The level of thinking must change as per the circumstances. Every moment might not be requiring a serious tone or a light tone. Many are able to make out when and how to react but few people cannot. And, this can be because of a syndrome called ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’.It is mostly seen that men suffer from this mostly.

This syndrome affects people who don’t want or feel to grow up, people with the body of adults but the mind of a child. They want to be children or teenagers even after reaching the age of thirty. And, the fault is not of the person, but of parents. Protecting your child is okay but over protecting doesn’t sound well. It helps the child in forming an imaginary shell around her/him. And, this shell will never allow them to bloom into independent individuals. On the other way, there exists a ‘Wendy Syndrome’ which is just opposite. And, this one is common in women. They try to act like mothers and show an over protecting nature. Thus, it is always good to maintain a balance. Neither too high nor too low because people suffering from these syndromes are not even able to identify it. The only solution left to treat this is the right psychological treatment, not only centered on the person who suffers from the same but also on her/his family.

P.S. This doesn’t mean that each one who is protecting or on the other side, least affected, is suffering. No. It is when the things start over or under flowing. And, whose better to define a ‘Balanced Reaction’ of yourself and even of your dear ones!?


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  1. Fact on lines ! Great Blog ! Love to read Your Blog.

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  2. Loved reading this, an interesting take on the idea. In a lot of situations I do believe age doesn’t matter, but you make a good point!
    Abby |

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  3. Age is just a number for me…

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