Questioning the Answers!

“Knowing the answers will help you in school.

Knowing what to question will help you in life.”

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‘Accepting’ is a word which we have heard from the very beginning, right? If there is a rule or a psyche which exists from a very ancient time, we are taught to ‘Accept It’ and that too without even a single doubt (sometimes not!). Can you guess the reason the reason behind it? I know, most of you will say that we are doing this just to continue it since it is being practiced from a long time.

There are very, in fact very very few people who actually listen to the ‘?’ knocking the doors of their actions! But why the number of people who think to think about these practices less? I agree that every individual exhibit a different behaviour but even the questions can be different, who says that you need to match others! After all, every person comes with a variant shade of expression. It is not that ‘Accepting’ or you can say, ‘going with the flow’ is wrong!

The only thing which we must keep in our mind is that with every answer there enlightens a question as well. Or every answer exists between two ‘whys’! One ‘why’ gives the answer and the other ‘why’ explains the answer. And, this ‘why’ is never constant, it is more like a variable which changes from one person to another! Your question may not be right always, it may confuse you more and can also make your decisions compressed within the pressure of more and more questions. But do not worry and never get scared. The process will not be fast but you’ll definitely get a link and once you are able to link all the questions with each other, a clear picture will come in front of you… explaining all your doubts.

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  1. The very first lines impressed me Fairy. I’m always one of them who doesn’t know the answers in school. But always the one who does know what and where to question. 😊😊

    Loved it.

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  2. We are searching for or contended with an easy life if asking questions is what we tend to resist, truth be told.
    In fact, I feel when we were young, then we used to be more curious and thus then to ask more questions. But as we grow older, we accept the things as they come, while this should be the other way around.
    Your post is a reminder on ‘How’ and ‘Why’ asking questions about answers is important. 🙂

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  3. Great post fairy.. It’s easy when we agree on each other. And often we don’t want to stress our brain and ends up in a less challenging life…

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  4. An answer leads to a question. To accept can be a good thing especially when you don’t have the current capacity to deal with situation. Mind you in that state of play, you never really accept. We only accept once we are healed. There is the lazy accept it – which I think you are speaking of, where there is no want to improve.

    As always a lovely post, and lovely food for thought.

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  5. I have a question, and Question is what is Life without Vision.

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  6. The truth is that people want to lead a simple life without much complications..Moreover they are reluctant to stand out because of intense criticism

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