Good Never Dies!

“No matter how much bad takes birth; good will never die!”

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Do you have a complaint?

In fact, we all have a lot of complaints. Most of the complaints are about others (we are always right ;P haha!!) but yes, there too come those surprising realities which we finally accept that we so go wrong.

So, every time when there’s a good, a bad also exists. However, if I talk about its rough analysis, bad is always done more than good. I am pretty sure that you’ll agree to my standpoint. Guess what? Even you can do this analysis! There is no need for a big survey. Why? Keep a close check on all your activities of a day, at the end of the day make a list and segregate them as ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’.

Once you are done, the true reality will automatically introduce itself with you. Don’t be astonished because when we say, “They are Bad” it’s actually we who come under the domain of these bad people (Don’t forget that we too appreciate others so…). ‘They’ is a ‘Us’ and ‘You’ is an ‘I’! The words are harsh and sometimes we are actually not wrong but not even completely right as well!

You know why we cannot be completely right? Because in making the other person realize the mistake, we tend to travel the path which is never advisable. And, at the end what do we say, “See… the world is becoming very bad!” Though fortunately, there come certain situations wherein, we unpremeditatedly start smiling and that smile is never because of a joke, it is because of the pure deeds and emotions with which we interacted through the actions of those people. They make us feel good and their actions loudly speak, “Yes… Good Never Dies!” Let there be a big black cloud of reprobate things, one rain of good will make it pure.

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This is a hope for this year and beyond which I think we all should start working on and try to inculcate within ourselves to become the ‘Rain of Good’ so that all these iniquitous things can be washed away.


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  1. Hope so… anyway its made my mood thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. While enjoying your post I’m not sure I agree.
    If I look around me I tend to count much more good than bad (it’s just not so publicized). Even if I take account of my rotten self (yuck) I don’t actually see a lot of bad stuff, I enjoy doing good stuff, mostly because makes me feel nice. Perhaps I’m very lucky/blessed in where I live, friends, loved ones, (I know I am) but perhaps , like “Love Actually” the good is all around us it all depends where we focus.

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  3. Loving your positive attitude, you have a new follower 😉

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  4. Just fantastic…. What a thought…. Keep going….. 😊

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  5. good or bad.. just subjective , no.. let us not be judgemental

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  6. Don’t just rain, POUR ! The world needs a good wash 🙂
    Thanks for the follow – i appreciate it and wish you an outpouring of many joyous words.

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  7. Very wise for your age…..

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