Unknown Doubts of Life!


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I was walking

The way I wished.

But never knew…

What was the reason behind it!

The time was passing,

But journey began to stop.

There was a lot going inside,

But never gave it a shot!

Something was not right,

I kept on forcing my life to get subsidized.

And, that’s all I realized…

Things got wrongly synthesized!

Fortunately, I heard the sound,

Making all the noises turn around.

The puzzle was still unsolved,

But now I was able to pick my call!

It was a tough fight,

And I can never renounce, right?

Things were going and they’ll go on,

I will never let the hankering move down!

Now, I think…

Something is waiting for me.

Waiting for the right moment,

To let the puzzle fall in a perfect frame!


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  1. Jadooo !!! This is amazingg

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  2. My little fairy..this is really nice….be assured that right things will appear if you are at the right place at right time

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  3. Presentation of such complicated things in such manner is appreciable

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  4. Beautifully written. 👌🏼

    Liked by 1 person

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