Has Santa Gone??

“Jingle bell, jingle bell

Celebrations were in the way!

Here comes the way,

After Christmas Day!”

Image result for santa going images on reindeer

Christmas always comes with hopes of joy, happiness, prosperity, wishes, cakes, celebrations, dreams, etc. Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated all over this green and blue sphere. Children are always looking forward to receiving their presents on this Day. And, along with them whether one accepts or not, we too expect that our wishes will also be fulfilled by the Santa Claus. Hey! Don’t deny the fact, you too hope for something ;P

Things come and stay till 25th December, Christmas Day but what next? We pray for all, we wish each other, we celebrate together and then what? We go back to a journey full of expectations… life!! Of course, we cannot keep on celebrating. Again, the next year comes… jingle bells start ringing and our wishes also start blooming. Few last years’ dreams come true and we feel happy but the remaining always leave all of us with a tiny glimpse of sadness.

Now my question to you is that does Santa goes back after 25th or still stays for listening to our feelings? (Feel free to share your thoughts below!)

I feel that Santa is always with is, may be not in the beautiful red dress but he is definitely there. Why do I feel so? Who is giving us all those smiles of satisfactions and tears of joy throughout the year? Think!!

There are people, special or very special people who always act like a ‘Santa’. So, it’s okay if your wish is still not fulfilled, your very own Santa is on the way and keeps on celebrating each day as Christmas (though practically it is not possible 😦 ) but the feelings and emotions must always be same. Out heart, ❤ must always smile!



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  1. Beautifully written. And I loved your thought on the Santa that Santa will come one day or the other, if not everyday.

    Happy New Year. Have a great year ahead. 😀

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  2. So so true!!!! Secret Santa’s are everywhere🎅🎅🎅. We just need to recognize them.💙

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  3. Good morning Fairy…
    well, no answer for this..

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  4. I think neither Santa comes on 25th Nor it goes back after it.. it is there always with us. And this Santa doesn’t wait for a particular date to fulfill our wish. It can be anyone for everyone like parents friends bf gf or anyone else who can see not only what to give us but more importantly what to not give to us.
    Okay, i am in the middle of night and don’t know what i am saying. 😷

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  5. And… your comment (First on this post ❤ ) made me feel soo special!!!
    Loads of love for my Sha!!!!
    -Your Fa!


  6. U made me feel so good today!fa💙 I needed it badly.

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