Fusion of Confusion!

“Your intellect may be confused but your emotions will never lie to you!”

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Everyone is always excited to bring on something new. We want to rise and shine like stars and to make all this turn into reality, we keep on scratching our already confused mind. We keep on pressurizing it to give us new ideas. And, let me tell you, we expect only ‘Brand New’ ideas. So that we can bring on our copyrights.

Has it become very necessary to be different? I am not saying that we are same! Obviously, everyone is special in their own arenas but has it become mandatory to keep proving ourselves. If we are successful at each and every level, we are allowed to go to the next stage otherwise one cannot even dare to think about trying it again.

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Let me ask you! How many times will you try if you are not able to do something successfully? One, two, three…, five…, seven… how many? Most of us will do it twice or thrice and after that, the perfectly inflated balloon of energy will gradually start deflating! And, then comes a stage when we start thinking about weird ideas which “CAN” fulfill our dreams. We keep on combining things and most of them will be mismatched! Even the final decision will be the one out of those mismatched because we have already confused ourselves in the fusion of these mismatched things. Finally, even the right things shine as wrong.

Can we do something to avoid this fusion of confusion?

Why not!!

All that is required is P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E. The understanding of these eight letters can do miracles. I agree that in this fast moving world there’s no place for W-A-I-T but it is definitely needed to attain such speed. Once we get the crux right, no rocket science can make us slow. So try and keep counting as the next time you too will be wanting to win against your own trials! It’s always good to compete with yourself than with others.


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  1. Well expressed! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. “Mind closed until further notice” Haha! That’s funny..😄

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  3. Outstanding 🙂 As i feel keep patience and keep calm are the only source of success 🙂

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  4. I agree. Patience does the best. And I would like to add, sometimes life comes to such phase, it’s better to go with the flow. 🙂
    Nice post, Fairy. 😊

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  5. Nice… Well portrayed.
    Emotional confusing motivational

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  6. Ishan Shrivastava December 16, 2016 — 9:26 am

    So nice, very well expressed…

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  7. Definitely
    Patience +competition with own self
    Solves everything

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  8. fusion of confusion..hahaha..and cheers to patience

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  9. I’m completely agree with you ..
    Patience is really very important.

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  10. #motivationalFa💙💙💙
    Touched my heart💕

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