Light exists in Darkness!

“Faith is seeing light with your Heart when all your eyes sees is darkness.”

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Most of us are scared of the darkness. We avoid going to places which are completely black. Why? Can anyone specify the reasons? Almost all of us would say that it’s because we have achluophobia or nyctophobia, i.e, fear of darkness. And… the fearless peeps must be very happy! They are not scared from any darkness but have you ever thought why Dark is okay for you? No. The reason behind this ‘No’ is that when we are good at something we never think about it, however when we are not able to adjust ourselves with our fears we tend to question ourselves!

We think a lot in the darkness of those fearful questions and finally we are able to find a solution. Some find it early and some spend the rest of their life in finding a solution which gives birth to thousands of more questions. So you agree that sooner or later we are able to arrive at an answer, right? Then, there must be some light existing in that darkness as well!

Now, imagine yourself sitting in a room and suddenly there’s a power-cut. Obviously, you will be scared and that depends on you whether it’s for a second, for a minute or for the whole while till it again gets lighted up! But after a while you’ll make yourself comfortable in that dark atmosphere. You will be able to throw the light on the surroundings which will directly come from inside your will. This is because you want to see colours in darkness. It comes from within, you only see what you want to see. No one can  force you to change your vision!

If it seems easy in the imaginative world, why can’t it be implemented in the real horizon wherein every life is dark. It’s the person who brings light into it and makes it more and more colourful!!

Imagine… Accept… and Try

Light exists in Darkness!!


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  1. But sometimes its not about being good at something. There is always a reason behind that something!

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  2. Worth Reading… Keep inspiring 🙂

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  3. Nice Post. Great understanding and though also.

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  4. Great post ..
    it reminded me :
    happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light – Albus Dumledore 😉

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  5. interesting thoughts…very well put across!!

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  6. Truly inspiring Fairy. 💃😘

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