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Mathematics, the most petrified word for the maximum of the lot living on the planet. But it is also the word for some exceptions. As tastes differ from person to person same is the case with the Mathematical Taste. Till we are untouched by a penchant for math, we consider ourselves normal as most of the people don’t even have any perception of giving a chance to mathematics to come in their life. But if you hold the finger of math, your mind and soul will get such an obsession which stays with you until your death or even after that (maybe). Ghosts will find you calculating the distance from heaven to hell.

Thus, discussion on the work of great personalities like Srinivasa Ramanujan, Isaac Newton, Euclid, etc. is possible and necessary too. Whenever there is an open discussion on this topic generally, people don’t have much to say which leads them in a dilemma about what to say and how to express themselves in a crowd.

The reason for our inability to sustain such a public discussion on values in mathematics might be an aspect of philosophical awareness, incompetence and our recondite branch of logic. All these things confront anyone who studies or teaches mathematics.

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But if we wish, we can ignore them. To do so, however, is just to leave oneself the prisoner of one’s unexamined philosophical preconceptions. Everybody should find their own ways of studying and teaching mathematics which should be changed from time to time as “Change” is the rule of the universe. The analysis of formation can be successful only through the development of an alternative. The stereotypic psych, “Leave it to professionals. It is not our job!” should be definitely changed. As more we discuss innovations in mathematics, more convincing, philosophically satisfactory it becomes.

P.S. Don’t be scared from mathematics because it also has certain fears! Form the bond of friendship and let the miracles be solved giving the theorems of understanding between fears and strengths.

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  1. Just remembering my childhood days 🙂

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  2. This post reminded of my maths paper which I completely screwed up last week. 🙁🙁

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  3. cheers to maths, we are great friends

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  4. Maths was neither an enemy nor a friend to me, honestly! But as you already know, I wanted to study maths only because of my maths teacher. She made it very interesting for me. Maths can never be fully taken away from anyone!!!!! I still have to do Stats which have loads of calculations😛

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  5. Beautiful post Fairy😘😊

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