Even time gives you time!

“People say time waits for none, but it does!”

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Starting with a contradictory quote can easily help the readers to think once again. Are you also thinking that yes time waits for none? It has its own rules and regulations and the copyrights are strictly held by time itself! No one can sue time! Can you? Yes? But I am sure that in the end you will definitely be declared as the conflict, so filing a suit against time is of no use. Though on this statement, my views will have to fight a lot in order to favour the opinion of almost every living creature who was hit by the high tide of time. It’s said that ‘Time and tide wait for none’ but I think they do. Look towards the clock of your phone or laptop and observe it for a while as I am going to ask you a question based your observations.


Okay, so think about the solution of the following question:

What did you observe?

  1. a) It keeps on going.
  2. b) It keeps on running fast to overtake your plans.
  3. c) You only observed it, just your eyes were looking there!
  4. d) It waits for every next second and then every new second wait for every next minute and then every new minute wait for every next hour!

What was your observation? I can make out easily that most of you have chosen a) and b) and there do exist those who can bravely accept c). Did anyone think the way I wrote in c)? Did you? (*Please mention if someone did!)

No. And you know why because we never blame ourselves. We always tend to think about the things on which we can impose our failure. Isn’t that true? We cannot complete our work because time was short or a person cannot give much time to the other because time is moving with such a fast speed that time has become more important than the things which actually make your time special and meaningful. We all have these excuses and interestingly, we call the ‘genuine reasons’! It’s not I or You, it’s US. We all try to shred the blame from this ‘growing with them’ human body. Though we forget that there too rest a peaceful soul inside this forever upgrading body. A person can anytime upgrade her/his body but can she/he ever upgrade its soul? No.

Switching from the Language of Business used in the initial lines to the Language of technology, we can never upgrade our soul. Soul was pure and will always remain the same, giving support to all the humanitarian aspects which a body goes through a lot of struggle whether to do or not! And, this is the time when a person actually shakes hand with the moments between those busy seconds, minutes and hours. A precious time is taken out for your special dreams, wishes and dear ones.

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If you are the one, then it will not take much time to accept that time even gives you time!


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  1. So True… As I think, it is necessary to honor time and space. When you honor time, space, your mind become alert.

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  2. Lovely post… Thoroughly proficient… Obviously, time gave such a great time to read out your adept post.

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  3. quite intriguing post….for me if i am involved in something i don’t observe time, but when i have nothing to do, time stops, like relativity. there is too much time if you have nothing to do, and too less time if you have many things to do, but if one can plan, then a balance can be achieved and that should be the goal of life…provoking post..

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  4. Space & Time are my favourite topics to ponder on .. and you just opened that tab in my mind.
    But for now I’m thinking how you managed to pen down such complicated thoughts !?
    Great post 👍

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  5. great post…interesting..cheers

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  6. A great post and thoughts to ponder on. I liked it. ☺☺
    Nice to read you from Fairy. 😍😍

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  7. Couldn’t read the complete thing, as I’m a bit poor in reading…….but whatever I could read makes good sense and you have written well….

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