Inside Out or …?

“Sometimes people are beautiful,

Not in looks (may be!)

Not in what they say (may be!)

Not in what they are (may be!)

Just in what they write <3”

Are we really capable of forming definitions? Yes! Sure, are you? Can you define any object or… any person? No, right? Ohh… I am puzzling you again with the thoughts but getting the answers to self-made puzzles is just beyond any definition. Once we get the answer, we can define it but what we actually feel, we don’t because we cannot. After all, certain things need to be left in the way they are… I hope that you all agree to my puzzling interpretations as sometimes people (or a person) are (is) beautiful just in what they (she/he) writes!

Different people have distinct connotations, so… what’s yours? Can you define now?? Still not?!!

Great writers, poets, and thinkers compare people with nature’s gifts, fruits, spices, weather, time, rivers, oceans, etc. They try to link the emotions and behaviour, i.e, natural reactions of humans to natural things.

I know, I am a newbie writer but still I want to add to this list of comparisons if you want to know and define a person then sit and go back to the old memories, old talks, old experiences, a person might like to receive written words in return and if at all you don’t want to go with words then things connected to these wordly links can make that person happy (but surely not a dictionary :P)!

Image result for beauty through words

If I take a small example, suppose a person is washing utensils while removing the soap particles from it, you might choose to wash either from outside to inside or inside out. If you choose inside out, then that person might like to remove the dirt first from inside and then from outside. Or washing outside dirt first and then inside can also be chosen. This all depends on how a person looks towards things. It’s all inside out, whatever you are from inside it will be automatically reflected outside as well.

Again started thinking??

Sit and relax, you’ll definitely get your definition!!


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  1. That’s awesome post Toodles, introspection 😎

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    Hi sweety :),I have nominatd you for 3 days quote challange.Plz follow the link given above.Much love

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  3. I’m big fan of heavenly great thoughts you share here 😍 I want you to know that this day is not only important for you but also for all of those who love you, because it is the best opportunity to thank heaven for having a real fairy with us 😉😉
    There are certain little things in life that we know for sure in the world. One is that time passes and the other is that we must make it worth living as much as possible. So , go enjoy your special day 😘
    I wish you the best birthday you could possibly have 🎂
    Stay Blessed ! Keep smiling !! keep spreading the pixie dust !! 🎊🎊🎊🎊

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  4. There is this saying…”beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I think beauty is in character. In all small things and being a good person.

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  5. Everyone have their own perspective so there are always people who appreciate us and also the ones who criticize us .. 🙂
    For me great writer/post is the one who make me THINK and according to this definition you are a damn good writer, Jadoo !!

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  6. Defining an object would be more easier as the dimensions and properties of object wouldn’t change . but when it comes to human , traits , behaviour , actions , thoughts would change on circumstances .. And interpretation would changes like wise sometimes correct and sometimes wrong.

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  7. nice post (not may be, very much yes)…cheers

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