Everything affects Everything!

“Everything you believe affects everything that comes to you.”

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Everything? Yes, everything! This time, I am trying to combine those words which mean everything to this particular post. I thought that rather than choosing a specific topic, I should expand my written vision because conclusively everything does affect everything. I know that I am sounding really peculiar and you have enormous bubbles of confusion that how will this post go on on everything? Don’t forget, it’s everything!!

Not trying harder anymore to convince the letters to form words and then letting them transform into logical sentences… I am coming to what exactly I feel about everything.

When we say the word ‘Everything’ we do not mean a small group of certain objects or opinions or ideas or emotions or relations or time or anything. In fact, we try to form a series which is Absolutely Invisible but its effects are just the reciprocal. I mean to say that they are Very Clearly Visible. Lack on part of single thing, and the whole hard work of the chain gets deteriorated gradually and sometimes even gets destroyed in seconds.

But why to talk only about negative instances. There are times when everything favours to just give us that ‘very much required smile’ which becomes our need. And I am pretty sure that it must have happened with almost all of us. Isn’t it? Now that single cute stretch on your face is impossible without the involvement of everything which was essential for it to happen. I want to elaborate on the combination which forms the series but I cannot reach that depth!

So, I think that I may assume now that we all have understood everything about ‘everything’ despite the fact that this thing will remain executory. Although I have taken only two examples but they are that sum total which is equal to what we call ‘LIFE’, i.e,

LIFE = 🙂 + 😦

This implies that we cannot only relate smile to life but along with it when we are sad, we should learn to say, ‘I am not frowning, I am just upside down!’ and the movement we speak this to ourself

😦 –> 🙂

==> LIFE = 🙂 + 🙂


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  1. Confusing words, Sorry, I’m a Bit Dumb. But you got your concept clear, that is Everything is Connected to Everything.

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  2. the first line was pretty clear.. then on further reading, i came to know that you are not limiting there.. even after reading it fully, i feel you have something more to express.

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  3. Its 101 % true … everything is affected by everything. .. but nowadays let the things who doesn’t mean to u ..like always ur headings made me read ur posts. . Keep it up sweetheart :*

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  4. Everything seems clear now… All clear 😉 🙂

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  5. Pretty confusing post! But nice haan.. You have such a clear vision on things at this age, Fairy ☺
    Yes Everything does affect everything! ☺

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  6. Nice post haan ! 😊👍

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