In a fix?? Need a Gluestick!!

“Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?”

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Is there any point of time when we think that we aren’t in a fix? Probably not! If I take a random count, nine out of ten people will definitely be confused or are not knowing how they are or why they are or for whom they are? Smiling?? I can imagine your expression 😉

This time, I will not talk about problems rather I would like to speak at the special request of a person named ‘Suggestion’. Don’t be surprised, we all have this friend. It is similar to a common value or number which can be extracted from the equation of anyone’s life because you all must have experienced that ‘Suggestion’ is something which you can receive free of cost (*depending on the situation ;P), they are open for all and from all.

See I got deviated with the exaggerated introduction of my friend, Suggestion! Coming to the subject matter, being in a fix is not a big issue but getting fixed in a fix is surely a problematic snag. To fix this fix we need a glue stick and sorry to say that you cannot buy this glue stick. Although I am equally aware of the fact that without monetary involvement most of the things cannot be resolved but at the end of the day, the only part or thing or object or whatever you call it, it is nothing else but your heart and soul.

There were, there are and there may be times when you start feeling a sense of detachment or break or something from inside which you cannot figure out and so are unable to express. But I think once you start applying the inner ointment instead of human glue stick, you will definitely start seeing the increase in your healing process.

So, the only thing which you need to do is that find your inner glue stick right now because you never know when the time comes and you need this glue stick to fix your future fix!


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  1. Superb inner glue stick and when you connect with the divine the inner glue stick is super powerful

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  2. “inner glue stick” – i like that… nice one

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  3. It was worth waiting for your new post ! 😃
    You rock it once again … love the way you explain your philosophy !

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  4. I love the way u write and ur analogies … How true that we all need inner glue to fix the problem we face emotionally…

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