Day Kills Threat!

“Goodbye of dawn with a hello of light,

Comes a new day of life.”

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Humour life… submerged in the ocean of fear and threat. The threat of future and fear of loving what we have right now. Both the components are obvious, it shows how much we care for the things, living or non-living, classification doesn’t matter. Isn’t it? Sometimes, non-living can make us live more as compared to a breathing one (*Subject to the matter of life! ;P).

Now when I talk about fear or threat, both of them have established a nice bond with darkness, the black darkness!! Darkness in the intellectual mind, darkness in the visible eyesight, darkness in the heart full of feelings and darkness in an enlightened human body. Hey! Don’t we keep on saying that we are aware of everything, we are good future planners? We can make best blueprints, really? Really? Can we actually make future as per our convenience? Noo… The good times we are living in (cannot be applicable for all) is like a day which is full of shine but the moment our graph of our life starts to bloom on the cloud of our life, it all begins!!

Here I would like to add a quote directly from my mind:

“Every falling star is not a moon and every rising star cannot be the sun.”

It all depends on you, who you are and what are your deeds. These two things matter very much. So we should try to come up from the darkness of eve to let the day kill all the fears and threats which we have gone through on the last evening.

P.S. If you are finding yourself sitting in the shadow of evening, then try to bring the light in your life by smiling a little more in this while!!


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  1. good post.. y dnt u come w/ me to the Jupiter ? 🙂

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  2. nice post..beautiful thoughts… cheers

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  3. BEAUTIFUL. i believe in being grateful it puts it all into perspective

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  4. 😃 nicely written ..

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