Lyrical Twist #7

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are keeping well. I know that I have become inactive these days, please forgive me πŸ˜‰ So, from now on I’ll become a weekly blogger but I may also post a surprise article sometimes!!

Again, this one is one of the best Evergreen Song from 90’s. Hope you enjoy!!


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  1. this is one of my most favourite songs.. πŸ™‚ you sang beautifully. πŸ™‚

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  2. Keep up the spirit of Good posts. 😍

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  3. It’s lovely … ❀

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  4. Song with background music!!!❀ Love Love Love Love Loveeeeed it. After listening to this song I really want to hug youuu Fairy DiiiiiiπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸŒŸ.

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  5. Isabella Simons August 20, 2016 — 6:04 pm

    Weekly, sounds good. This is my favorite song you have sung so far.

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  6. Weekly ? okay that’s way better than this complete inactive ness 😁
    I will comment about song later .. let me hear it first πŸ˜‚

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