“If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a soldier.”

We all call ourselves patriotic and on every national festival we upload the related photos on social networking sites also. I too do this. Everyone wants to take part in each and every event happening. But we all do this only for a day or two. However, there exist some special souls whether dead or alive within whom the lamp of patriotism will keep on twinkling. There is no such power taken birth till now which is capable enough to bring darkness in that brave heart.

This heart is of none other than but the soldier. This consists only seven letters but the people holding this prestigious title sacrifice the rainbow of their life to fill colours in the lives of millions. They all have an inborn spark to not only enlighten their life but also highlight their death. And that’s the reason why we say that a soldier never dies.

We can never thank the great creatures who are filled with sacrifice but at least we can give a small tribute to all of them through our deeds.

This wordly tribute is from my side. Go and give one from your end as we all are independent only because of them.



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  1. is it independence day in India? can you tell me about it?

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  2. Nice wordly tribute Fairy ..!

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  3. Happy Independence Day, Fairy. 😃

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  4. Happy independent day! And a beautifully articulated piece of art!📝🌼

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  5. Nice thoughts… nice post…

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  6. Beautiful post 👍

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  7. Post to be noted✏. I’m so proud of you Fairy Di. I really appreciate what you wrote and how you put in the words.
    Salute to the soldiers who are working day and night so that we live in peace everyday!


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  8. Happy Independence day 🙂 Jaihind

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  9. Incredibly sculptured the years long unheard and rusted words of last beat! It is of no wonder if any of the non living things get a life through your impeccable thought. I’m feeling spirited. Independence day😶, but still caged knowingly or unknowingly in the name of democracy. The enemies outside the country are much more trustable than the ones contained in the country because the act of Borderer’s is so blunt which is more predictable than the cunning ones inside. Anyways, Let the brain be triggered only in the +ve way in this time.
    A very happy independence day😊.

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  10. my valiant soul August 14, 2016 — 4:54 pm

    Commendable job done!

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