You are Mistaken

“Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.”

Are you okay with what you said today or in the past? Is there not even a pinch of thought that you went wrong somewhere or you were interpreted wrongly?

If both these questions are forcing you to stop and think again, then this article is meant for you.

Many times it happens that what we want to say, we say but it is not what the other person wants to hear. And that’s the point where the ‘Mistaken Seed’ is sown. You must be thinking that it is fine if somebody didn’t understand your part, it happens. I agree but fitfully the simple conversations turn into the blended complexities which are capable enough to ruin the relations between people.

Yes, vision varies from one person to the other, individuals have different perspectives, however, it never says that one should start opposing someone else’s state of mind. You always have the option to disagree if and only if you have received the correct interpretation of what she/he actually wants to convey.

The movement you start neglecting the opinions of another fellow, you will automatically deplete your importance in their life. So if at all you are fast in giving judgements and especially denying the other’s point of view, sadly ‘You are Mistaken’.

Your peer might not say it directly but somewhere it might bring a sudden shakiness in their views about not their own thoughts but yours.

Hence, we should all think about the other’s thought in order to continue our smooth sail.



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  1. New thought and nice post!

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  2. Again a thought provoking one from you 🙂

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  3. Fairy rocks.. thumbs up on this thoughtful thought..
    in between, there is a question which I ask myself always ‘ why do i need to be bothered about others perspective on me?’

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  4. I don’t know whether I have gone wrong somewhere … But after reading this post I’m really worried that what if I’m wrong in others perspective 😕😐

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