When Voice and Sound Meet

“Voice and Sound had different destinations. Music weaved them.”

Voice and Sound may give birth to a confusion in your mind. You might think that both are same, if at all they are not there must be an invisible difference. Isn’t it? So, what is this slight thread which cannot make them parallel? Some of you might be already aware of this slightness but there must be few, who are so busy to think. Don’t take it seriously. I know, we all make life so much complicated that in the end, we don’t even have the time to think.

Alright, the voice is basically the vocal expressions uttered through the mouth and sound is the vibration produced by continuous instruments. My meanings may not be exact as I have to connect my words in a lyrical way this time.

Now I come to the main topic of this article, this time, my words will highlight an unpredictable friendship of two known personalities. We meet many people daily, some become special while few are very special (Hehe! The people who can always raise your eyebrows), some might also change the colour of your face and most of them just come and in the same way they go. I think you agree with me. Right?

There were two people one, loved to sing and the other, loved to play music. Both were knowingly unknowns. Sounds interestingly weird? They knew each other but they didn’t! Destiny acted like a magnetic force and on one occasion they finally decided to fuse their individual talents in a single platform. And as expected, the Ten Minutes Performance was a big hit. The journey started and the instrumental mode is still on. Let’s see how much battery it has. Though both of them keep on charging this single musical battery. Sound so pretty. A bond made by music. And I know, as long as music lives in them, their battery will never die. Music will keep playing the role of their Battery Saver. Now let me introduce the two people who are always planning for their future concert. Hope it happens someday. (Yes, it will 😉 )

This is me and my friend Shivanshi. The one with whom I held the mike for the first time and she played her guitar (with the white tape in her hurt fingers) along with my voice. You can call us Shafa#97. My name is Fa and she is Sha and 97 is nothing (though it is just opposite to nothing to get 97 ;P) but our congruent scores in one subject.


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  1. All the very best Duo !😊

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  2. Lovely Toodles, waiting to hear from you too 🙂

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  3. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Awars. Hope you like it 🙂 ❤

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  4. I have tagged you to do this post. I hope you enjoy doing this 😀


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  5. Amazing description & intro of #ShaFa97 😃
    Keep Calm , Be #JabraFab and wait for ShaFa97 Concert 😀

    Btw, How the orientation went ma’am ??
    – PS of Real Fairy 😂

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  6. Great description of the musical bond between you too..

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  7. beautiful post! nice music, your thoughts!

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  8. Amazing post fairy☺

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  9. No words buddy :*
    Love u to the galaxy and back (moon is jst near me u see :p )
    Forever 💙💙

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  10. Such a beautiful post 😊❤

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  11. Such a beautiful explanation about sound and voice!❤ and you are so pretty my Senior😍😍

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  12. wonderful bond of music fairy..

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