First Collaboration!

The picture you can see below is a combination of words weaved by two bloggers, i.e, Fairy Kumar aka Jadoo and Mahesh Mali aka Mcube.

Mcube writes very well and is the first fan of Please do visit his blog to get a glimpse of an engineer’s non-mechanical mind.

Magical Step

It was a magic spell,

Coruscating from a resplendent shell.

I stepped towards it…

Never thought nor imagined

Every step increased the luminosity.

Opening of the shell was the dream of my imagination.

There was a pearl inside

Accompanied by a tweet… full of delight.

It said, “Want to meet the reality?”

Reply was an obvious Yes.

Voice answered, “Look inside me, what you see is all what you need!”

– Fairy Kumar

Beneath auroral clouds ,

With my mind filled with the curiosity ,

I took a  glimpse of the scene inside ..

I saw nothing but the mother earth in her prime avatar ..

Free from the pollution fever , she was happier than ever ..

But my confused mind made me whisper , “Is it really all I need !?”

voice answered , “Make her happy once again and she will give you all wish”

– Mahesh Mali


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  1. i liked your peep into the shell and clouds to meet the reality.. both of you rocks…

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  2. That was mesmerizing. Well done, fairy and mahesh.

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  3. This was so magically mesmerizing! Great work both of you.

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  4. Wow. 🙂
    Great work Fairy and Mahesh.😃

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  5. hey..nice post, both of you! cheers

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  6. Non-Mechanical mind 😅😅😅

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