Step Two!

“A wise person doesn’t see his foot on the ground, he watches his next step.”

I don’t think that there exists a person who likes to be stagnant. We all want that life should keep moving on. Though there are times which help us in getting surrounded by our doubts. These doubts are just like a glue stick. They will keep on sticking with you until and unless you show the brawn to them. But if you keep on delaying in finding the solutions to those doubts, they will be pasted on you just like a permanent adhesive and they don’t even require much time!

The basic rationale behind ‘Step Two’ is that no matter how you performed in step one. If step one was great, keep in the light of greatness glowing inside you. And, if you found yourself in dark, try to shine in the second one. You must be thinking that most of us talk either about winners or about losers. Where are the mediocre people? (Don’t smile just because I caught the right thread! I too had this thought.) That’s the reason why I am here to describe the ‘Step Two’ of a mediocre.

Let’s take an example, suppose there was a student, very studious. Serious about everything going on in class but at the time of result, why this student is seen without a smile? Have you ever thought from this perspective? May be the student looks happy with the results of others. The people who used to laugh all the time in class are still smiling. And this child… again revolving in the make-believe world. The student is not at all jealous but is sad as the hard work didn’t reward. But you see that after a while, this seriously started rewarding the mediocre student. The student always believed in Taking the Step Two by learning from the faults in ‘Step One’. And finally, the glow on face is still at a young age, ready to become more mature and always ready to take step two.

Now would you like to know this Serious Neophyte?

Okay, let me tell you. This is none other than the person sitting on the other side of your screen and describing the real experience in detail.

Yes, you got it! Here, I am taking my ‘Step Two’ in college.




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  1. Wish you a happy college life Jadoo .. Your college is going to be a paradise .. in the presence of real FAIRY 😃

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  2. All the very best Fairy!! Wishing you a sparkling and bright future ahead!!
    You have penned down your emotions excellently.. 😀

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  3. Beautiful post with two steps😊😊

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  4. I’m not sure where you live, are you going to college in the United States?

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  5. Aha!

    all the very best for ur college life dear one : )
    Do ur best!

    u r an optimistic grl
    fly high : )..


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  6. so little fairy is going to be a college fairy..what’s your new resolution

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  7. Great Post, well written. We have different stages in life and we get stronger with each one. I agree no one would want to become stagnant, but sometimes people do without realising, and many don’t care to be growing an learning , because their life revolve around themselves so much that they don’t take time out to see what they don’t know.

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  8. Cezane & Michelle July 7, 2016 — 7:58 am

    An alluring read, i loved how you started it with that quote..
    Captured my attention.

    Good luck in your endevours, prayers and support with you.
    Love from Psychedelic Bay. – Cezane

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  9. Good luck fairy
    And a lovely post

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  10. This should be a confidence booster.
    I like the u r self motivated. Just like me 🙂
    U r going to the next phase of educational phase.. All the best. And enjoy the phase for next 2 yrs

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  11. Good luck…you will do excellently looking at your understanding…
    Thanks for the post..

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  12. Agreed with you senior about not discussing about the mediocre people. They neither win nor lose and I think that’s being on the safer side😉😉. All the very best for college. May you achieve what you desire and sprinkle pixie dust everywhere you go!❤😘😘😁😃😇👼

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  13. Good luck with college. Have fun and get an education out of it! 😉👍👍

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  14. Thank you and congratulations!! Many more in line😊😊


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