“It is no loss to mankind when one writer decides to call it a day. When a tree falls in the forest, who cares but the monkey.”

#Bonta is the small forest in North Delhi!

The lush green view for eyes, a natural air purifier for lungs and soothing soil smell for the nose. What else one wants to get a real relief to live what one actually is. I don’t know about you but I personally love this. Nothing can cure me than a viridescent domain. But it might be that the person reading this (YOU!!) may not get the satisfaction from this greenwood. You might be more interested in the digiwood. Isn’t it? You can give birth to a cheerful mood only after spending a nice time on your Smartphone. If you agree with me, think again! After all, you are smart. Comm’on you are an active user of the Smartphone.

Please don’t think that I am a person against the smart technology. I love this smartness. Ultimately, it has accelerated the speed of every human hand. Yes, see how fast we type aka chat! Jokes apart, technology has always been a boon for all of us. It’s only a few instances where we lack the relief of mind and that too in some or the other way is because of us.

Now leaving beside this boon and bane of technology, let’s come to the connection of forests. If you  go back to the initial words, I am sure you got puzzled-up after reading the title, i.e, BonKey. Let me tell you, the word BonKey exists nowhere but in my own dictionary. It is an amalgamation of two words, viz., Bonta+Monkey! That’s right, “BonKey”. Sounds interesting!

Whenever we imagine Bonta, it’s incomplete without its friendship with monkeys. And, there is no age bar for sure. From the tiniest to the nice grown-ups, Bonta maintains the bond with all the ages. It is too a friend for the all the walkers on its natural pathways. Bonta has not made any rules but people say, “Forests have their own rules!” So, if we are aware of this alarming saying, why can’t we follow them! Is it that difficult? Be frank. That too when you meet your friend only for an hour or two! Nobody is telling you to live there. I don’t think that’s difficult. I mean if you can’t make Bonta Smile, what is the need the to bring tears in its eyes? You think that throwing a bit of garbage there is okay, “Nobody else will throw!” or “There are ones who will pick up our dirt!” Think if everyone else is also under your impression.

It’s high time to reflect on what are we doing. Start questioning yourselves.

Why am I?

How can I?

When will I?

I am sure that you will receive the answer to all the three simple questions. But you have to make a cinch effort and later you will attract the smartness from your phone. And, for that, start magnetizing your brain.


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  1. Cezane & Michelle July 8, 2016 — 5:29 pm

    Such a considerate post! To be honest, littering really annoys me too and so does any kind of abuse towards nature (for no beneficial reasons). Really enjoyed this! 👍 – Michelle

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  2. magnetizing your brain….liked it little fairy..

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  3. Thought provoking post, the three questions implies a deep meaning, it gets you to know yourself better..
    keep sharing..

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  4. hmmm.interesting thoughts!!

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  5. Thoughtful!

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