Eating till Eternity

“Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

Yummm….. a delicious expression whenever we imagine an amazing dish in our mind. (*Oh my God, writing this article is going to be difficult!) Time and again I am going in my own imaginations. Great food, a great destination and with great and special people. Don’t start thinking that I am a Foodie! I am but I am not ;P  Actually, for me food matters but the person sitting next to me on the dining table plays the much important role than the food served on the table. The smell of the behaviour and traits of people sitting next to each other should win the battle against the essence of food.

I am pretty sure that by now you all have started understanding my written emotions. So, this time also, my article is weaved with a philosophical sentence along with words of humor.

Coming to the main word of this discussion,i.e, ‘Eating’. Putting the love for food aside, eating the very basic things is important to keep on the survival readings on. Not everybody living on this planet, (others are still a mystery!) has sufficient food to survive. There are people who sleep by drinking just a glass of water. And, even getting a glass of water is becoming day-by-day more strenuous. If the bottle in front of you is filled with water, you are fortunate. This is a blessing for all of us.

Humans are mostly dependent on vegetables and meat. Nobody eats other humans. Right?? Obviously, no one should do this! But on the other side, animals, insects, birds and other species apart from humans are dependent on vegetables as well as the flesh of other fellow creatures. Isn’t it? Have you ever seen a group of ants carrying the dead body of some insect? This is a common phenomenon. The big creatures eat the small ones and once they die, they are served in the plate of other tiny creatures, even the microorganisms.

So the moment I combine all the ingredients from the starting, I can say that your importance, while you are alive, is of no use after your last breath. No, matter how powerful you were, the beginning of the end is same for all. Don’t take this in a negative way and stop doing efforts to achieve goals. Let the end too taste the flavour of your victorious breath!

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