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“Try to stay warm-hearted when cold make surroundings cold.”

Excess of cold is always vexatious, whether it is an infection between nose and throat or in temperature or in relations. The cold has an intense power to make the circumstances fall as per its own demands. You can never change or divert its route. When it has to come, it will come. No matter how many precautions you take, viz, wearing a mask. Now whatever precautions I’ll write, will have a dual aspect. If I start from the mask, people wear two masks, one which can be seen to prevent themselves from infinite infections and number two, which is like a transparent glass. And, this mask is worn by them to spread infections. I think you all can very well understand the ill-effects of this mask. Isn’t it?

Secondly, drinking warm water. I am sure this is the most common remedy used to make our throat passage clear. It too gives relief. When I take the same precaution to another horizon, I find that people use it in day-to-day situations. Don’t we say ‘Shut-up’ to ourselves? And, just like the warm water enters our throat and soothes it, we think that drinking our words can too make an easy plight.

Our insurance techniques are quite many but we can draw only one conclusion from all of them. Even if the daily game of life is extremely cold, we should always reflect on warm actions. Now, warm doesn’t mean that you’ll react with full heat to make the other person burn. No, that is surely not my recommendation. 😉 React with a warm, working and intelligent mind and heart. Make the cold live; never let yourself live with cold. Just like the ‘cold-infection’ has no medicine which can give a supersonic relief, all you can do is to wait with a handkerchief in hand. Never let this happen on the real platform of your life. Life can never be lived just with a handkerchief!

So, stay calm but not cold. It only suits the weather to make us calm!


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  1. Very nice statement fairy ” stay calm but not cold. ” .. cold in throat may get well in some days .. but cold in relations will ends up the bond. So not heat & cold but it should be normal temperature. 😊😊

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  2. well written
    liked it a lot

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  3. Oh My God! Cold and I have a unique relationship since childhood. I just cannot get rid of it😒😒. Anyway, your topic wasn’t about discussing infectious cold, I suppose😂😂😂. But its really appreciable how you can twist and turn ANY topic and give the real meaning of it. I really have to learn a lot from you Senior!😘😘😊🌼

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  4. You have actually turned philospher wala writer! I am seriously loving all of your blogs!
    #firstcomment #friendsblog #goodfeelings

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  5. React with a warm, working and intelligent mind and heart..that is a thought provoking advice my little fairy.

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  6. nice one..liked the calm-cold part

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  7. Hehe … Stay calm but not cold 😉
    hope you are not cold-infected ✌😅
    you can make any topic interesting

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