Decode the Quote

The quote in itself is a phrase encoded with the true feelings and decoded with words.”

Nowadays, the ‘Quote Challenge’ fever is going on WordPress. And I’m pretty sure that most of you have come up with incredible and rare quotations which have got a great response. Isn’t it? The challenge is really a nice one to keep the ‘Motivation Mode’ on in people who are fortunate to read your blog.

Challenges always teach us many things. They even help us to unveil our strengths and weaknesses. The movement we are through with all the facts in the book of our individual life, we rise with a more firm character.

Now, I think quotes help us to make our own encyclopedia. Confused??

Think about two days in your life. One day was as casual as it can be and the other day, you get a chance to read a quote. It could be in the print media or in the ‘post’ media or in vocal media or anywhere else. The link doesn’t matter but it should be powerful enough to establish a link between your actions, heart, and mind. once they become collinear, it will be a “Thumbs Up!” situation. Right? A single quote can turn us into an all new personality. And this personality would be filled with all the ‘Google Positivity’ 😉 Yes!! After all, most of the quotes come  from ‘The Great Google’, the ultimate motivator! Though these take birth in the leads of the pencils of writers (like us!).

There are people with whom I have interacted and it is quite impossible for them to decode the quote. You too must have experienced this. And this is the most annoying situation for people who the “Encoders” of the quote. Encoders get delighted when they are able to present their thought simply in the twisted way. This is the real pleasure and true art flowing from their pen and crafted on the white paper.

Seriously, this ‘wordly pleasure’ cannot be compared with anything else. At least words are immortal, written on the same ground though the thoughts of the writers take it to higher levels.

Now hold your pen and lift your fingers on the keyboard to give an all new piece of letters. People are waiting!



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  1. haha I have written a few posts about quotes and done a quote challenge too. What you wrote here is absolutely true, hilarious but all the more fun..

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  2. The fever of quotes must go on as this fever is quite energy for the dead leaf and hope for the new 🙂

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  3. Blogger Recognition Award… 😇 – hey, congratulations…. I’m nominating you for Blogger Recognition Award… 😇

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  4. A brilliant post, i really like stuff like this. Perspective style things, i do it quite often on my profile, but mines more life based then anything in particular

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  5. Good to keep you motivated always

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  6. Speaking of quotes , I love them !! My phone is literally flooded with thousands of them … And reason is simple .. quotes help me to stay motivated , Always !!
    Stay Motivated & Keep Motivating others , Jadoo 👍

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  7. the quote chellenge makes you think about positive aspects, the saying goes like you sow a thought u reap an action. you sow an action you reap a habit , and when u sow a habit you reap a character.
    so when you sow a good thought in other’s mind you are indirectly involved in transforming their character and your own ..
    isnt that great!!

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