Frequency of Options

“Options are many, but the choice is only one.”

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Everything present on this earth whether living or non-living, is blessed with one thing. And, this thing is same for all. This can never be restricted to a particular domain. It crosses boundaries of inequality among genders, caste, races, age, etc. the list can go on and on… Humans are society makers! Isn’t it? But the society established on this basis can never benefit anyone.

So, the blessed thing which we all have received is the word “OPTION”. The hexad word is not only a word, it is something very much important to keep on sailing in the boat of life. This is the actual ‘Problem Solver’ whenever you find yourself pasted in a disastrous situation.

Options are like links. The way we solve a puzzle, joining every part with utmost care, same is the way to handle chain of options. If we are able to join every piece nicely our puzzle gets solved. But if our initial steps are wrong, no one can help us later. And the only option left is to ‘Start Over’. It is very much necessary to be careful while choosing the right option. Once we choose it, it becomes our choice and choice is that link which can either turn the staring of our life’s vehicle in the right direction or it can also support the accident on this sharp turn. If you are successful after your choice, success is yours but if at all you fail to succeed, reason is never you! Why? Were the options not enough for you? You were the one who was super excited to make the choice as early as possible. The word ‘Wait’ had become your biggest enemy. And now, what is left for you after this ‘excitedly wrong’ choice? You have only one option, to just ‘Wait’ and nothing else.

You know there are tides in our journey too, high and low. It all depends on us what measure we choose and what precautions we take beforehand to keep floating. Time liberates us from imposing its own decisions, gives us a lot of options. Some take them to prove their choice. The ones who are ready to prove are definitely going to prosper. But for the ‘multi-choice’ personalities, life will make its own rules.

Don’t think that I am against back-up options! It’s absolutely fine to keep ‘back-up options’ they are important! But the movement they are served in your plate, don’t wait someone else to put it in your mouth. No one can take efforts for you till the time you don’t hold the spoon in your hand. Others can only guide you, but the final decision must be your own, based on your own analysis. If it’s wrong, it’s fine! At least you get to know the areas which needs more attention from your side. Thus, never get super-excited after seeing so many options. All cannot become your choice. Decision is tough and can make your life rough. But if you choose wisely, you will rise nicely!


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  1. Wonderful choice of topic !! Great one 🙂

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  2. choose wisely, you will rise nicely.. nice fairy

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  3. Quiet impressive intro. Nice one!!!

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  4. Correct!!!👍👍👍 One scholarly example: Multiple choice questions!! Options are many, but it’s up to your knowledge and learning that you tick the correct ‘Option’ otherwise, keep playing the guessing game.😂😂😂

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  5. Jadoo toh har post me jadoo kar rahi hai !!
    How you come up with such wonderful topics ?

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  6. I’m going thru a tough dilemma where I have to choose among the best options ..

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  7. Another great one Fairy! ☺👍

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  8. Wonderful post Fairy😃

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