Miniature Dominance

“Whatever you do Everyday matters more than what you do in a while.”

If I say you to list down the important things in life, what will be your blueprint? Just give it a shot now!

All set?

Okay, now again go back to your thought-list and I’m sure that you will see that the list contains quite big things. Isn’t it? Big motives, big accomplishments, big dreams, big life, big house, big car, etc. etc. and very important, big span of time to enjoy with your family and many more bigger articles. Articles? Is this the right word to call your dreams, for which you are doing so much day and night? Yes, because these articles sometimes even make us forget the ones whom we love more than ourselves. And, once they get completed, they are gone forever! Who remembers them, future is very dominant. In fact, more than those who define their personality as a dominant one. But can we allow this dominance to win the battle against the present? No, not even a single person desires to ruin their present. Think about a business person. Will she/he be ready to bear losses, just to earn the profit after a long time?

If you are a business tycoon, your answer will be yes! But if you are a new-comer in this dynamic field, will you accept this? No. No one desires to become a shadow. What do you think now, Big or Small? I mean Big Articles or Small Articles?

I read somewhere that ants, even after being so small, play a vital role in the growth of the plant. They provide all the nutrition to it and make its food passage clear enough so that it reaches the plant easily. And, think about a tiny piece of eraser. It is capable enough to make your written thoughts invisible. A small pinch of ego can destroy a strong relationship. Many examples!

Still you think big thinks make big changes! If you have a ‘Yes’ feeling, please remove this ‘Small Feeling’ from your mind and try to inculcate it in your efforts. I agree, to do big things is very difficult but doing small things continuously is much harder! They look small and easy from far but the movement you start stepping towards them, they will start acting with a Centrifugal Force. It will keep on trying to push you away.

But if you are strong enough with your miniature efforts, no force can stop you.



Reflect… there is a Force present in you too!


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  1. Great post, I liked the example of ants, very interesting post

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  2. if we are at the right place, at the right time.. things will be favorable..
    nice post fairy..

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  3. I agree with you Senior. Not everyone has the guts to continue doing the small things everyday. Dreaming for achieving something and working hard to achieve that thing has a huge difference!
    Love you Di💞👼
    You always inspire me with your words.💫

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  4. Too many things trying to connect the dots my dear fairy.
    Ru emphasing on small efforts and dreams vs bigger efforts and dreams or on thinking in present vs future

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    • It has both the aspects. What as per your perspective is more imp. What will you choose. Small things, better future or big things, better present.
      My emphasis is on our behavior towards small things. We give them less importance. So that’s my point of view, to start highlighting the small things which made the big things happen.

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  5. Beautiful ‘article’ I must say.
    You have a great road to take, girl. I loved the ant and eraser symbolism you have put in there.
    This is a well informed post about how we should approach our goals.
    Life is made of those tiny little dots which make sense only if we give them importance and connect them in the right sequence. If we get this tiny bit right, everything falls in place and tends to have a very profound meaning.
    Keep writing , mate. Looking forward to more. 🙂

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  6. And keep eye on small but important things 😝
    Great post fairy 👍

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  7. Think BIG ,
    Believe BIG ,
    Act BIG .. So , the result will be BIG !

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