“No matter how many times we burst into flames. We can always rise from the ashes.”

The ultimate goal of life is always the ash. Surprised? Yes, it is. I know all of us have many goals in our lives. Some could be achieved easily while for the rest of them, quite a lot of constraints start blooming up. And these constraints are sure shot events, which will definitely go to occur if at all you are extremely desperate to meet it.

As I said that all of us are filled with a big box of goals and time and again we keep on deducting the fulfilled wishes. The goals are almost similar from outside but if we scratch it a little more, they do vary!

The reason to accomplish them keeps varying from person to person. Just like the features of our mobile phones! Even a point increase in Pixels matters a lot. Then it is but obvious that the pixels of our vision are also different. If you allow me to be more profound, my thought-insects can take a much higher flight!

So, as our eye-sight accepts deviations after some point of time, same is the case of our lenses too. Our lenses throw light on our vision and vision then forms further goals. Now not fluctuating from the topic anymore. 😉

Life starts from ashes and ends in ashes. Naively, ashes are initial as well as the final destination. Whatever we are doing today, good or bad, will take us nowhere but towards the creation of our self into ashes. I am not saying that we should stop doing good deeds and transform our self into an evil rather whatever we choose to do should be satisfactory enough to make our own ashes rest in peace at the end.


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  1. A real great thought ..😊👍

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  2. If I summarize your blog fairykumar, I may say it is “Self-realization.”

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  3. So now when we know destination is ashes why not live an extraordinary life .. So that u will remain in people’s heart eternally although physically u r into ashes at the end

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  4. another wonderful thought from heaven 😂
    well , seriously .. it is an awesome thought 👍

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  5. Well said Fairy…

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  6. Thanks a lot for posting this on your blog. It’s truly an honour.


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