A solitary drop has infinite interpretations, which one can form according to their psyche. Now when I say, “Drop” what is first pictured by your mind? I am sure, most of you will say Rain. Isn’t it? But some with a void heart can even say a Tear. And don’t think that drop has only two categories. There might be some, whose presentation was a big disaster just because a drop spilled on their project or pen-drive or laptop or anything! Sometimes a drop can even mean a fall. Hey! Most of the successful people are DROP-outs!! 😛 And there must be some who want to drop someone or may want to get dropped by someone!

(*Smiling??) I know. The prevenient lines are capable enough to let you relieve your ticking past! No matter the past was bitter or better. E or I, just a difference of three letters. But will make us laugh on what we were few years back. Please… don’t sit on the Memory Ride now. There’s still something more from my side 😉

So as I said that ‘Drop’ has many meanings, many imaginations and most importantly, many emotions (just like a rainbow!) Think about an artist who is about to hang her/his painting on the wall of an Exhibition Hall. And on the way, a drop drops on it. I am sure that even the second’s hand of a clock will not drop that a tear will drop from the eyes of this pitiful artist! Right or not? And seeing that tear drop, a drop will automatically drop from the eyes of your loving ones. The story can go beyond… fixing the painting and all but I don’t want to you to get bored (If you don’t fit in the Artistic Domain!)

Now grabbing my words towards the universal talk though it’s pretty much difficult because I am made for the above Para! Not actually going into the stories, I shall talk about the ‘Output of a Drop’. Yes, there must be something which you have achieved or lost after a drop. It might be a lesson, a dear one, a bad one (there are many!), a choice, an experience or anything which you think got dropped! You are welcomed here to share your ‘dropping instance’ with a creature who dropped on this earth, just like you! (NOT REALLY!!) 😛 😛

P.S. Waiting for your drop in the comment drop-box. 🙂



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  1. Well, I dropped blogging in December but still it brought me again to this amazing world and we met, a dear drop you could say ❤
    Lovely sense of humor Toodles, Great!!

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  2. ha ha.. just can’t leave this dropbox empty..superb post fairy..

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  3. Beautiful interpretation:)

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  4. You proved once again that you are amazing writer …. such a beautiful post about just “drop” … well after reading this , it is not “just drop” anymore 😃
    and , I loved your sense of humour 😉😂

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  5. haha…you sprang(dropped) a surprise! nice…cheers

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  6. I’m an engineering drop- out guy. Yet I’m technical lead at the moment. Drop by drop u inspire me.
    Ah !! I can think about endless things wi

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  7. This is droptastic ! It’s good I dropped by to read. Hilarious, yet a lesson embedded within it. I like your style. Cheers 🙂

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  8. Hey! I read your dropistic post😂 and wished to drop a comment so a drop doesn’t drops from your eye like this emoji–>😂 (just joking😂). Okay, so jokes apart, I honestly loved your post. Your posts are always so practical, but always with a dose of humour. Waiting for you to share some more of your blogs!!!!!😃😀😀😘

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