The dialogue was fixed

and made us fall in a fix.

Just two (+two) more years…

Life will be great!

Just three more years…

Life will be great!

Nobody is allowed to break the rules,

then why are we forced to cut through the routes?

Every year was a Big Smile.

Sometimes from us

or sometimes on us!!

Somehow the two+two years ended…

who knew, the comment will be forwarded?

The breathing space resembled a balloon.

The blow was a fast boom,

and so…

it got punctured soon!

Finally the day was announced.

We were ready to get renounced!

Our wish was accepted,

but Bater rejected!

It wanted something as a trade

and made us sit for an unwanted race.

The pen was new and the mind was open.

Still the answer to the question,

was left unchosen. (*Negative Marking)

Was the Entrance testing our knowledge of schooling

or they required a live browsing?

Even the God was speechless…

on our dedicated buffet.

For him, everyone is a topper.

Don’t worry!

We are not sitting in a chopper.




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  1. All the very best di!πŸ‘πŸ‘ Fear is the victory 😘 (Darr ke aage Jeet haiπŸ˜‚)

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  2. I never believed some multiple choice should act as a differentiator .
    It is a wrong way or incomplete way of judging ur knowledge..
    Yeah with every milestone u will hear this dialogue again. And life won’t become easy after two years or years , its always a path for a new challenge and parents should teach their children to welcome that new phase gracefully..

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    • Yeah! I completely agree with you Suprith☺ This negative marking stops our hands (no tukka😜) No one can prosper without the support of their parents! The system in itself is incomplete, what else can we do until and unless we enter in it at some top position!

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  3. Don’t worry .. You will get your desired college πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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  4. nice one, very contemporary and well expressed

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