Traffic Jam

What comes in your mind when the word jam is heard by your ears and read or experienced by your eyes? I am pretty sure that final conclusion of your answers will imply “Mutual Consent!” Isn’t it??

The moment this word ‘Jam’ knock your door, you will start imagining yourself as the atoms of a solid object! Tightly packed with each other. Whether you are on a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, four-wheeler,…..etc. the list will go on as per the improvements in transportation technology continue. The number of wheels hardly matter. What do you think, pedestrians really enjoy the constant roads? Though some will, no doubt! But mostly, it is very irritating for them too to make different postures for just crossing the road between the PAUSED TRAFFIC. And I am sure, these poses actually make them flexible. They are more successful than a workout in a gym! (Hehe… just joking!!) But they are, slightly 😛

Now heading towards my main concern, i.e, connecting it with life. One person said, “You connect the most Trivial Things with life!” I completely agree with your opinion!


There comes a time when we get stuck and life puts us on a “Pause Mode”. This mode is a sure shot ‘not included’ in a ‘friend zone’ for  most of us. Yes, it is! Am I correct? Think again! This is that ‘Mode’ which made us realize our mistakes and forced us with a kick of inspiration and motivation. Also, this is the time when we get the stature and evidence to award the good and file a charge-sheet against the bad at the same time.

Now, I think I am right! Right? 😉 So, when you feel as if you are occupied with a traffic jam in your non-fictional life (especially the word lovers like me!) keep your eyes on the red light and watch the count-down carefully. It is the time gifted to you by the God to analyse yourself, to whom you matter and who matter to you! Don’t waste it by thinking that your smooth sail has stopped. It will restart again, don’t worry!

And, if at all you are not able to move the vehicle of your life forward, even after the green signal, it means you need SERVICING! And I’m serious. 😛

Human mind and body is too a machine. It’s just that because it is made by God, we call it Natural. Otherwise, there exists a mechanism in us too! What do you think, there are no short-circuits in human body? Really?? Revert the pages and you will too find a “LIVE WIRE” in yourself!!

P.S. I am not a Science Student 😉


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  1. Really good post! I admit to feeling this more in recent times then ever. I feel my life is not moving forward although others contradict.

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  2. Just wonderful !!
    Loveedd it ✌☺

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  3. So true! Loved how you compared actual “Traffic Jam” with human minds and bodies. You write so beautifully! 😊

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  4. pause mode in the human life. It is so true little fairy. we always have the same situation and it matters whether we realize it and act properly.

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  5. That was AWESOME ….. It’s great to see philosophical you 😛
    I loved the concept of this post 😊 .. Great job Fairy 👍

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  6. I have always believed there is always traffic jam with mediocrity. And at excellence , u will drive alone
    . and it’s always rewarding.. Beautiful one… ❤ 1000000 hugs for this posts

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  7. Yes. You are right. We do get stuck at some point in time where we are either unsure how to start it and move forward and in which direction…

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  8. Wow so beautifully written….

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