Sparkle’s spark

“Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.”

Achieving what we really want to in life or even getting a step closer to our victory, may be the cause of someone’s chronic illness. Have you ever noticed these kinds of situations in your life, when the triumph is about to increase its volume? If your answer is yes, then my friend I can understand what you are exactly going through or have gone through.

There is a huge amount of difference in being jealous from someone for making yourself better and making the other person full of faults just to hide yours. Is this your real courage? REALLY?? STILL you think you were right at your every unscrupulous step which you took to kick a person right away, who trusted you so much?

Hats off!! You guys will never realize the real taste of success. Because your each and every success is because of some true souls and just for you. And I think the fault is not yours! The fault is of the person who successfully failed;

FAILED in considering you in LIFE.                                                                     

FAILED in trusting you in LIFE.                           

FAILED in understanding your PSYCHE.

FAILED in giving you ANOTHER CHANCE every time.

The trophy of mistakes is not bagged by you, so don’t worry at all! You played it very well… beyond expectations. The award goes to the person who gave you the permission to enter in her/his life.

I don’t feel there’s anyone more stupid than this innocent person, who thought that you are surely not the wrong one! But you proved that the result wrong. REASON: ASSUMPTION of this innocent creature was wrong from the very beginning. Still she/he was trying to make it true. Poor creature!! You just came in her/his life as QUESTION MARK. You although had the intention to become an exclamation, fortunately you ended up as a “QUESTION MARK” again!!

Big recognition for you! At least this is based on your real eligibility and intellectuality.

I know my written tone is a bit rough but when you face it, you feel it. And that’s what you are reading. I am surely not pointing towards everyone who has a habit of Jealousy. It’s absolutely fine until and unless it improves you. The time you start digging someone else, don’t think that you’ll smell like an expensive perfume always. This is an unfortunate success which resembles the characteristics of a Deodorant. So, stay awake! Don’t think that you can overshadow a real sparkle. The spark of this sparkle is more than enough to burn you. If you are okay till now, Fine! It’s only because this spark shines only to spread brightness from top and never changes it’s angle to put people like you in darkness!

# REMEMBER you are fortunately enough to meet such a person in such unfortunate attempts created by you!


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  1. You told this post resembles my post …. Cool

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  2. Awesome post Fairy👌👌👌

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  3. Hey! Thank a lot😊 is this a nomination for the Liebster Award? Or do I have to post some where else, please do let me know!

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  4. little fairy, the spark of this sparkle is more than enough to burn you.. so true..

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  5. hey, nice one!Interesting article.

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  6. Now that’s the power of fairy.. She tells so good things in a right way.
    . I generally keep all odds aside and focus on just betterment.. When ur subconscious knows u r doing right thing u wil do great outside too.

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