I too survived!

A happy-happy style

Was always in my stride.

Never used to hide

Walked every mile, with a big smile.


The days were cool,

The nights were smooth.

Every motivation was successful

In putting me inside a deep pool.


Never measured the depth,

It always wished to take my breath.

The jump was big,

And so did the hitch.


I shouted and shouted in a hitchy pool,

Until I realized…

It changed it’s module.

Accepted a silent mode and,

Tried best to convince me as a whole.


The persona was strong

And energized my soul.

I started with a slow move…

But was enough to guide me through.


Efforts were so strong

That made my mind go wrong.

But the wrong was…



The one who was floating

Wasn’t the old girl.

She suddenly disappeared

And this one understood the blue sphere!


She stopped for a while,

And decided to view her smile.

Finally she realized,

“I too survived!!”















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  1. Wonderful poem ! Cheers 🙂

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  2. beautiful work…

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  3. #depth
    Loved this one ♡
    Keep writing sis!

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  4. #depth
    Loved this one ♡

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  5. hey..nice one!!’wrong’ was ‘absolutely right’ – ha ha , good!

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