Plastic Self

Each one of us is well aware about their own selves. And no one can deny from the fact that we all have dual personality. I’m surely not talking about the ‘Dual Personality Disorder’, what I want to highlight is only that what we our for rest of the world does not match with the nature by which we treat our own self.

Everyone is trying to change, though some people still exist who consider themselves as Perfect. However, most of us are still ‘WORK-IN-PROGRESS.’ And it’s good to be. One always prospers by being a learner at any stage of life.

People are actually investing money on their “Modifications.” Isn’t it? They keep on updating their software. Although the virus keep on blooming in our heart and mind. Ask yourself, “Are these outer modifications really needed??” Now when I say modification, I am not discouraging you to opt for a much better behaviour or more improved personality, I am simply removing the layers of dust from what we really are!! What exactly is our role in this universe and live. Haven’t you being on a ride with these emotions and thoughts?

The answer is probably no! Don’t give those reactions of amazement. It’s true!! In the race of making our exteriors enhanced along with a coating of water rather heart-proofing. We have forgotten that interiors too matter. Even if we live in a conservative society, where neighbours, don’t even know each other’s name. Interiors play an important role. After all, there are few special ones who are recruited by the management of mind in the campus of heart.

Thus, it’s not an appeal but yes, considering myself as your well wisher, I would suggest that never forget to put emergency brakes when you are driving your vehicle of your life alone( even when you are driving with some one… not a problem 😉 Do not hesitate in taking a back foot by pushing the breaks of your emotions.

Remember, plastic surgery is too meant for improving the shell. It’s only ‘you’ who can actually help your soul to stay pure and healthy. Because once you leave again your sole, there is no one on this planet who can take care of it! When you are gone, you are gone! So, try to establish stone of example which everyone leads after you leave.


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  1. Deboleena Biswas May 26, 2016 — 8:05 am

    i absolutely support every word you wrote above. ❤ Its beautiful and I am glad I have come across your blog. 🙂 Would love to see more.

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  2. This is something really true! Not everyone in this world has the same personality. Not a single person is perfect except those who think highly of themselves. Loved your blog. 😃😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

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