Expressed Emotions

After a nice break from my best friend! Can’t guess? My words! Now I am back with a mind full of amazing ideas for my upcoming blogs.

This blog is not only a blog. It’s something much more than that. Something more close to my heart. The reason why I wasn’t online on WordPress is that my 12th Board Results just came on Saturday and I passed with flying colours. Starting from my mamma, who was sitting just next to me when the scroll of our heart and of website started rolling just after I clicked the button, “CHECK RESULT”.

I know you too must have gone through the same feelings. It’s not only academic exam, but each exam tickles us which comes in our path called life of every individual.

Then, my father came and it all turned into a ‘Sweet Delight’. They both were so proud but a certain volume of tension too existed in their mind. Tension of a life waiting for me. And the first step is College!!

The very next moment after seeing my result, I unlocked my phone (password is acquaintance of my parents :P) and dialled the number of the next Special Person in my life. You will be surprised, since she is my Mathematics Teacher! The reason is not really a big one but generally students hate people who somehow belong to math. She too was super excited and ‘Satisfied’ with my marks. I heard her after such a long time but my patience rewarded me! She wanted a party and we were eager to meet and celebrate. The calls went on to all my teachers Accountancy, Business Studies, English… They all are proud of me and I am feeling soo happy and it’s all possible with the grace of Supreme Power, God. All thanks to God for gifting me great and lovely parents and teachers.

Whatever I am today is all because of them. My every brick of improvement is laid by all of them one by one. Thank you all soo much.

Okay! Now talking about the present day. I went to school and again, nobody was able to recognize me. Just as my FAREWELL DAY! The comment too got in tacked with me, “I can’t recognize you! You are looking very pretty. Ready for college!” Hehe… I’m not appreciating myself though I love too (never miss any opportunity) 😛 I love who I am! We should… right?? If we can’t love ourselves how can we find a kind heart in others. And how can they find a reason to love us?  Think!!

It was such a great and emotional welcome in school by our teachers and staff. After all, we all met after such a long time in the whole school life. I missed and will always miss my school. I have found wonderful people… really!! The way we received hugs, appreciation and blessings was just beyond the movie I saw being cooked in my mind. The pictures which we clicked have the power to always revive the best and wonderful memories at any stage of my life.

I feel so blessed to have these people in my life. People who are really proud in my achievements. The day ended with ‘FRIENDS DAY OUT’ added with the shine of best pictures with a tag of “BIG GIRLS, FINALLY!!” Though we were only two(others didn’t come but the celebration was superb. We also made a cake out of pastries for getting same scores in English # 97!! The feedback form we filled in the restaurant was again a moment of joy and surprise even for their Administration Staff. We filled with most stupid (though logical in our sense) replies!!

My any amount of Thank will be less in comparison with the beautiful talk with my mentors and juniors. I just hope that I can keep on making them proud till the time I go and start walking on a new road of new life, taking the First Breath again!

Again a huge thanks to each and everyone for your support, guidance, blessings and everything which I needed.


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  1. Congratulations to you and your teacher..

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  2. A very hearty congratulations Fairy..
    Tons of love to you..

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  3. Congrats(12th)..god bless! and nice article

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  4. I loved your blog! And I can totally relate to your feelings since me being in class 10th is anxiously waiting for the results to come. Another common thing between us is that I am too attached with my maths teacher and will call her as soon as the results are out!

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  5. I really loved your blog! And I can totally relate with your feelings coz I being in class 10 is anxiously waiting for my results as well. Its just like 2 more years left and I’ll leave my school. Another common thing between both of us is I am too attached with my maths teacher and will call up the second my results are declared!

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