Priorities Matter

What do you think could be the reason that we are not able to do all our tasks which we had to complete? Why we keep on procrastinating them and start giving importance to new ones.

Can you give any reason? Please feel free to share your thoughts. Speaking through my heart and mind, I feel as we grow every day, the same way our ‘To Do List’ also keeps on changing. Some things which mattered to us the most are now of sheer no importance. And at some point this is not wrong. Don’t you feel the same?

Let me tell you one more thing which I went through yesterday. This is the reason why no blog added in my list yesterday. Since my swimming classes got started. My tiredness refrained me from going on the beautiful ride with my literary friends. Yes, I am talking about alphabets. Aren’t they your friends?

But then my love for words won the battle against my tiredness. I changed my ‘To Do List’ and a new plan is ready and I have already started to execute it from today.

Thus, with this experience I learned a lesson. When priorities change, don’t change yourself. Rather establish a schedule which will welcome your each and every new interest whole heartedly. It should not allow the feeling of hatred to take birth in your previous tasks. Try your level best to keep letting the thread of friendship tied among them. This will not only let you grow with new changes but it will also keep you attached with the roots who are the reason for your betterment.



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  1. I think this is so true. I really don’t have an explanation as to why we do these things, I’m guilty of doing so. I feel time and willingness came be our best friends or the ones that doom us.

    Please do visit my blog when you have a chance, I’d really appreciate your thoughts on some of my writing.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  2. So true 🙂 priorities actually define who we are.

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  3. This is so true.. 👍
    You can do anything but not everything.. At least not at the same time.. So we need to think of the activity in terms of the time we need to do them..
    After all, timing is everything.. ☺

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  4. True. If u don’t write your priorities in the book of ur life. Other will scribble their priorities and you cannot deny it.
    B) people fall in the trap of procrastination..

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