Patience Padagogue

Most of us are aware of the thoughts which say, “Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.”

These seventeen words are more than enough to understand how we should mold our personality. The way hard work, dedication, practice are important likewise, patience too plays a very important role in building the bridge which finally makes our dream meeting with our goal change into reality.

These words are surely not written by me just for the sake of writing! Rather this octet teaches us its importance whenever we fail to exhibit what we actually wanted to! Also, without patience, we cannot learn much in life.

And why to go far? Let’s talk about our very own friend. Fortunately, this friend belongs to the domain of all the living creatures in this universe. I am talking about no one else but the Supreme Power, God. Just click on the rewind button of your mind and see how many mistakes you have committed. And God was utmost patient in letting us realize our own mistakes and derive our own solution for them.

I know no one can exhibit all the traits of the Supreme Power but at least we can follow a plant! PLANT?? Yes. A PLANT!! Mostly not desirable by many of us. It has to face a lot of comments, viz, “My goodness! This takes so much time to grow. I’m not gonna buy this!” Do you too say this? If not you, it might be the next person who is about to read my blog. 😛

Alright, I am talking about Cactus. See how much time it takes to grow. You cannot measure its growth in a few months. It hardly grows some inches in a single year. But did this slow motion growth ever become a hindrance in its beauty? Never! You might think that whenever we want to understand patience, we must talk about a tortoise. Discuss the famous forever young story of ‘Rabbit and Tortoise’!

So, for a change and taking inspiration from this dynamic world, I took a new example. I hope you like it! Naively, I just want to say that transform yourself into a beautiful soothing plant. Once you are done, people will follow you. You will not be required to go to others!



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  1. completely agree. success requires patience:)

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  2. So very true Fairy, awesome piece of words dear..

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  3. Well written… Nice article. “Patience”, an excellent theme. Cheers

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  4. Absolutely right such a very good post 🙂

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  5. Isabella Simons May 18, 2016 — 12:21 am

    Patience takes a while to develop but is worth it. 🙂 ❤

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  6. The best I read today. Persistent efforts with patience will lead u to pinnacle…

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  7. Glad that you realized my words are true!☺ yes! Waiting to see..:)
    See you..☺😊

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  8. Amazing! A big philosophical thought within a small heart . Yes small. I don’t mean narrow or crooked walls of heart. But the size of heart. How small the size of heart is?! It patiently have waited in you to take into that One big main branch that branches into sub. All the examples for life are stupendous. Keep going my girl☺👍

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    • Ohhh God!! Such a beautiful appreciation. I am soo Glad 😊😊😊 it’s feels amazing when someone praises you truly! Thanks a lot… Till infinity! I am really happy to be a part of this blogging world! Hope to keep on posting more and more stupendous things😂😄😄😄

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  9. A patient’s patience, Shakespeare would say

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