Sick… synonym for relax

You were there and I was here,

Many miles away.

Tried to connect with you…

But luck is miffed from me.

Still, I kept on convincing it!

But even this virtual social network is helpless this time.

I asked from you about your health,

But the picture wasn’t clear!

I know… you never wanted worries to become my friend!

Sadly, it’s pushing me to dwell on.

I know you are sick,

And this makes my heart go traumatic!

I prayed from God,

To return your smile back!

And he promised me.

However, I had to sign an agreement.

There existed a condition.

A condition that you will care for yourself.

To the world you may be one person

But to one person, you may be the world.

If not for yourself…

For the one who adds a meaning to your life!

At last, it’s your choice.

It’s time to relax and take the lift which you once wanted.

Time to say… time to hear.

Time to see… time to show.

Time to be… to be what you are,

The Most Special!!

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