Sad Evening!

The scene I am about to describe is of today’s evening when I was enjoying a sticky and moist walk in this hot weather in my garden. I am a daily visitor of the ants’ colony which they have made just next to the baby sunflower plant! Every day I used to watch their behaviour and try to learn something from whatever I see each day. But today all the ants were out of their hill and got collected on the body of a tiny creature. I went a bit closer and tried my best to recognize it. Each time I went a bit more… I saw a newly developed feature. First thing I saw, was its beak. A very tiny and cute yellow beak. It was in such a position as if wanting to again come back to this all new world! But unfortunately… it couldn’t! Then again I stepped back with a fast beating heart than before. My curiosity took over my fear of facing a dead bird! Yes it was a “Sturnidae”! Then after going closer, I was able to find the small legs… wanting to jump again and take a high flight but they couldn’t! I tried to look at its face and I noticed the eyes. They were not even developed it now as they should. You can imagine, how tiny it was!

Then slowly my mind ordered my legs to step back. And my heart too agreed. Afterall, it was gone. A beautiful creature went away from this beautiful world! 

I know it’s not of any relevance to many of you but the one’s who have shared a bond with their pets and understand me. Those who treated them not as pets but as brothers, sisters, daughter, son, friend or anything but most importantly you loved them a lot! I too have lost my two German shepherd and two Labrador! The way they go and leave us is very painful. Everytime I think of the time when we used to play with a ball and he used to get it back very fastly… I am left with tears. They were my parents’ sons and my brothers.






So, if you too went through such a stage do comment and share! Pain gets reduced when we share it that too with the people who can understand your emotions!

😦 😦


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  1. Birdie with an attitude! 😎

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  2. I don’t have a pet per se.. but I love animals.. and have adopted a few stray one’s.. the pictures you’ve used are beautiful.. ☺

    And the grieve of losing a pet is inexplicable. 😢

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