Emerging Disposable Nature

“Some people don’t come in your life to love you, they come to use you.

But some people come to see you as a friend and always protect you like a priceless jewel.”

Every new sunrise brings fresh emotions which changes our negative attitude towards a positive one. But when we try to improve ourselves we generally end up coming back to our earlier place.

I don’t think that the fault is dependent upon us but simultaneously societal aspect also plays a crucial role in not letting us fly away from our sorrows. We always get annoyed and lastly get depressed if we are surrounded by the people with disposable nature.

Now by disposable nature, I mean that most of the people consider other fellow brings just as a source to meet their respective goals. And once they get fulfilled, the people who used to play such an important role become as ordinary as an anonymous!

Don’t worry I am not speaking on a conflicting note! I know that there exist people who always give honour to the ones who helped them in making themselves what they wanted to!

But if we look from an other angle of thought, we can make an opinion that this ‘Use and Throw’ nature of people for us is because of no one else but we!! One must not let people treat her/him like cigarette. They use you when they need you and throw you when they’re done!

You must have realized that when you are successful, the world seems to be with you but the moment you fall from that very step… the number of stairs you had come down, the more number of times the people who supported you earlier will become invisible. And this is the time when you face the Real Reality of people. It is the time to figure out who’s worth your kindness and who’s just taking advantage.

I don’t think that a stage of failure in anyone’s life is to make oneself weak rather its like a blessing to prove how stronger you are than the ones who left you in that ugly situation. Try to give in your best efforts again and climb to the top and never let anyone dim your light, simply because it’s shinning in their eyes.

Most importantly, always remember to hold the hands of those who acted as a candle in the darkness of your life and don’t forget to enlighten them by giving them what they deserve in return.


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  1. This one’s really nice

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  2. Awesome post Fairy!!one suggestion-use tags of whatever you seem is important in your post, so your post can reach to max readers,coz you write so good!!

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