I can easily imagine the same Question Mark in your mind too. Right? Aren’t you thinking why this girl has given such a title? So many questions are revolving in your mind. Let me guess them! Probably you are thinking that it might be a technical error because of which the title is incomplete or the blogger is a question mark herself!
Ohh my God, didn’t ever thought that this Tiny Symbol, “?” can give rise to so much discomfort in your mind. And not even the mind, sometimes our hearts to form a team with it. Think about that time when you wanted an answer to a question in the exam. A time when you were actually dying to hear from a loved one. A time which seemed as if it will never going to pass and if at all it will, then how?? The time when you found yourself surrounded in a problematic arena.
On the whole, I can say that questions play an important role in our life. And I think it’s our own questions only which portray our personality. They show our care, love, support, intellectuality and all the traits which a person must have. They bring us more close to things we love.
How can one deny the fact that the mother of all inventions, which make our lives amazing, are these questions only! So, think, think and think… but yes take out some time to reply back to people, in whose life you matter a lot. They are waiting! Solve all the misunderstandings, the person on the other end might be missing you very much! Go on… don’t hesitate, leave everything else for some seconds and I am sure when you will get their reply… you will feel that there exists someone who is there For You! 
Do give it a shot. Your delay can also make you a ‘Question Mark’ in their life too!


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  1. Wonderfully crafted! A character is worth a thousand words!

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